La cle.

Cadbury came to the rescue as my tummy screams and whines for ice-cream.


A long day followed by a short post.


More than words.

Hi. Demam + Gastric = HEAVEN. Okay, I'm done with my sarcasm.
PS/ Mana budak Wo Ai Ni tu? Hahaha.

C U Next Tuesday.


Aint good enough.

I am in the world of delusion. I'm currently glued and stuck face-to-face with the darling lappy with the God-damn photoshop entertaining my evening of boredom. Making my hand do the clicking, editing the Achievement Day pictures is no fun at all. Bring me my Fairy God Mother, this instance! Gotta wish for some Skittles, Cadbury, Galaxy, Coke.. Anything that contains high amount of sugar that would probably knock me off my feet, on the spot. Or just grab that wand of hers so I could wish for anything I want.

I wish for a good life.


But.. I don't think that wish will be granted right.. this.. minute.


Lucky number 7.

Hey there.

I seriously miss doing a well proper posts. I failed on every single posts that I was trying to key-in and all of them faulty went straight to the bin. Blame thy non-productive brain for the shitty posts lately. The confused and cluttered spirits have taken over me for the past few days. Okay, scratch that.

Nurses invaded my school with their lethal weapons, the needles yesterday. I had a shot that lead me to a tiresome self plus an aching left hand and high body temperature at night. Plus the throbbing headache, which sent me to the land of the dizziness. I could not even have my beauty sleep. How typically sad is that? I totally envy them lot who didn't even get any side effects. :-(

My form teacher shoved my class's mid-year results in our face today. My marks were atrocious and shitty, as usual. Yuh avvy failure is back. And yet, I maintained my result position in class, it was the same as the previous exam. It was a.. surprise? I still got my lucky number 7! Lucky.. lucky.. number 7.

My lads are calling me again, y'got that right! I'm into my avid lads now. Okay. I can solemnly swear that I am 100% weird for calling them killer books lads.. Flee from me! Ha!

#I can taste Galaxy chocolate out of nowhere.


Not another triggerer.

Imagine the word hate besieges in your every second for a day. Anchoring your fragmentary-self on the earth's floor. Chucking them corruptible thoughts in your brain. It is a killer.


Hi hi hi hi.


I am living in an ultimate boredom. All hail boredom! Yeeeeeeeey.


Fancy some rules?

1 week of holiday gone, just like that. I've been wasting so many hours on useless shits. Missing hours of Gossip Girl, Skins.. and the list goes on. I've been wasting my time on the almighty Runescape. Who knew I would be 1% addicted again? MMORPGs and me, we will always rekindle. I felt the holiday vibes yesterday, late nights.. running around like a kook, lying drastically on the sofa gazing at the coloured pixels (+ mirages of Ben10), coveting for vanilla chocolate chip cookie ice-cream, but fraps will do just fine..