Aint got no Chemistry.


I just wanted to sound typical.

Another one ticked off of the List of Brain Damagers for Dummies. Add Maths is over and done! I practically leaped out of my chair as soon as the papers were collected. I was gonna chant Yeah Yeah Yeahs's, but then.. nahh, my mates will intrude with the 'What The Hell Are You Singing' glares. But eh, Physic and Chemistry will commerce in approx. 5 days and I'll be brainwashed for the 8th & 9th time. Freedom is still miles away. Aint a good picture and never will be.


Daily rants of this and that, I'm tired.

The 'WTF ADD MATHS!' faces. Enjoy.

6 down, 3 more to go! And then I can paaaaaaartaaaaay all I want. Im in dire need of a little dose of shopping. So I beg you, si vous plait Papa! Excursions for moi after exams? Merci beacoup! The most awaited subject will be haunting me to death tomorrow. I have no idea how I'll be dealing with it because my previous exam paper had a letter D watermark all over it. It's no good. No good at all. And I'm all giddy in the evening because I might be following them sVian scouts to Pavilion this Sunday for the Milk Day! K till then. Lotsa' luck for you, lads & lasses on your exams!


History books and Daim.

Exam week started on Tuesday.

And will be continued till the 3rd of June.

I'm having History tomorrow.

I don't think I'm gonna ace this one.

I have to study.

I'm lovin' them Daim my mother brought home.

You know you love me, XOXO.


K fine, I admit it. I suck.


A step back.

It's a matter of time to rejuvenate this blog of mine.

So my anti-bodies aren't syncing with my current body state which lead me being sick. Staying at home, setting eyes on the pixel screens and consuming fattening food while lazying on the couch is what I do when I'm at that stage. And sooner or later I will have to reserve a few hours for a date with the text books. The monstrous mid-year exams starts on the 18th. And I'll tell you the truth, I haven't sharpened my swords yet. And where is my knight in the shining armor when I need him? I'll probably take a hike half-way through.. I don't know. Rhetorical question ahead! Life's been gruesome, or is it me being gruesome to my life? Probably I need to go somewhere far and meditate for a few days, that sounds relieving. I shall do that after the fight with the upcoming mid-year exams.



Things we like.

My mind is still off track. Nothing is correctly placed. I miss my blog. I really do. I miss all my friends that left me on the verge of me shattering like glass. I miss Hakim. I miss the days where I would actually study and not goof around. OMG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME.

Nah, I'm actually really happy in real life. I like to make myself sound dreadful in the cyber world.