Live It Up.

Back in business. Not fancying every single meager bit of anything under the keyword of school. Thank God I'm still standing firmly on the ground with full blast of gravity pulling me downwards. Or else I'd be on a verge of a hilltop, waiting for something or to be precise, a someone to somehow land me a hand.. and rescue me. Now I'm back, safely at home after an hour of horrid flight from Langkawi, I'm wishing for momentous 2 nights at home.. Then, I'll be shoving my arse to Perlis to meet up with my fellow team mates on Thursday and immediately proceed to Terengganu for a mere 3 days for Maths Carnival.

World, be prepared. My beastly alter ego will find its exit.


The smell after rain
The feeling after crying
The sound after a second chance

The Usual.

Those missing jigsaw puzzles are finally found.


Whats not to love? A week or so away from being isolated behind bars with tons of tense moments that filled your helpless brain endlessly. I'm elated. Overjoyed. Insert more useless synonyms here. The past few months have been, shall I say, just fine? Aint sure. The continuous exams left the head a bit slow this holiday and the homework are trashed aside for a mo or two. But somehow will have to finish it all off before the due date or I'll see my arse being kicked to Christmas Island. Whatever it is, time for me to enjoy the holidays to the fullest before being placed back on that archipelago.