Independendant, yes?


Selamat hari merdeka Malaysia, tanah airku yang ku cintai! (Pause for laughs)

Harini aku menaip dalam bahasa Melayu. Kerana apa? Sebab aku terasa sekejap masa aku baca blog Iman. Ni semua hang punya pasal lah Iman sayangku! Tengoklah nanti sayang, aku pergi kelas hang. Sudah. Harini aku tak buat apa-apa yang menakjubkan selain daripada berhijrah ke Subway di One Utama dan berjalan-jalan sambil berbahas dengan adik-beradik ku. Perangai mereka sungguh keanak-anakan. Aku tak suka. Aku tak suka 1% pun. Tetapi, Subway sungguh enak dan mengenyangkan. Selepas itu, balik rumah dan tidur!

Enough trash. Back to old self. Revolve!


Border line

La Clique!

Fully needed.


Dial F for Fun

A cup of Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip frappuccino does it all. Plus a Vanilla Cream will make you drunk in the bus and will put you into sleep with a lollipop in your mouth. Serious shit it will. Sushi for lunch was refreshing yet made me bloated, haven't had sushi for ages and it made me fatten up my fat. Then dropped off at Kinokuniya for Dial L for Loser by Lisi Harisson (The Clique Series), two more to go. A nice stroll in Petrosains and Aquaria with mes amis. Nani was a blast and finishing up the veggies. He is rin was great at making fun of me and being the lollipop supplier, whereas the others was pretty cool and ah-dorable. Lips zipped and hands tied.


Be real

Phone vibrated, 6:30am. It's the wake up call. Dragged the body for a wash. Now, listening to James Morrison's, not even giving me those hype modes. More off the moody-old not-me. La mère gave me a recount of her old days about when she was about my age. Those days, everybody appreciate everything they own. Present, nobody does. Imagining their life back then gave me droplets of tears which I hid in my eyes. End. Back to cheery-o-me! To be cheery as before, the ingredients must be added, a big smile/grin, mesmerising eyes, the happy/giddy feeling and a touch of good friends (plus a few jokes). Good gracious, I tried everything. Nothing succeeded. Nevermind, try again.


Brainful of trash

Le merci pour l'ignorance et j'adore tu aussi! Dumb ass.

Thy heart craves going back to Seksyen 5, hell yes. I trust nobody but me. But I take anybody as un ami, but never un bon ami. I don't fit in the jingsaw puzzle at all. They differ alot. And yes, I know, different places, you meet different people. But heck, all of us have nothing in common. Lable me as a loner. Pathetic much? God-damn it! I'm chuffed with my au courant life. End with these shits. Next on.

Bloc Party dropped a little surprise with their plans for a new album on the 21st August. Three days later, it's out. If "Mercury" didn't quite shock your monkey, don't give up. This is being typed as Intimacy is getting its first spin, and so it is the prematurest of evaluations, but for the most part it's sounding better than the last.

The record's produced by both Paul Epworth (Silent Alarm) and Jacknife Lee (A Weekend In The City), and it plays like a cross fade of both. Opener "Ares" touches it all in 3:30, Kele in glamorous Ludacris cadence over big open-hat Tong drums, Chem Bros guitars, disruptive synths. "Halo"'s back to "Helicopter" mode. "One Month Off" pairs "Banquet" guitars with Okereke in digital cuts and snips. They didn't overdo the shots for the heart this time, and they're stronger for it: there's just one cousin for "Blue Light" ("Biko"), and another for "Little Thoughts"/"This Modern Love" (see: "Ion Square"). And they're snatching subtle tricks from good sources (check the "15 Step" sound and syncopation to the glitchy beat in "Zepherus," the nod to Sigur Rós's "Sæglópur" on the bell-laden intro to chill out cut "Signs"). Still need more listens to know if something glorious is about to happen, but this first one's left me pleasantly surprised. The devil's out searching for downloads.

(Bloc Party - Ares)


A cup of what?

Sipping through the Cadbury Hot Chocolate, wanting more and waiting for Instant Messages from the beloved friends. I'm awake, thanks to the hot chocolate. I slid the curtains open. As I look outside the window, it was foggy, my window screen; covered with droplets. I imagined it was snowing outside with the room temperate at 20 degrees. Oh, it is love. Imagining a flock of doves flying above the blue sky, I should have grab my camera by now. But, all of it stopped when my phone vibrated. Damn it. All the quirks in my head stopped. Back to work Sya! Back to work! Took another sip, wake up! Maths equations made awakens me. Time for the brain to think. As I sit down solving these mathematical problems, my brain started to wander again. Ice-skating rinks, snowball fights, making a snowman and sledging down Crumpsall Hill's park. It's all in the head. Now, that I'm in Malaysia. Everything started to cramp my head with all those fah-bulous memories. Enough. I forced my head to stick with only thy book. No more flying off. Hmmm.. the elegant scent of Galaxy.



A Maggi hot cup does it all! Plus a glass of orange juice to go with it. And it's a date with the hubby laptop. I'm sitting now, with my math's work book in front of me and I'm staring at it with no clue on what to do. That's what you get when you wag classes. God Damn it! Anyway, yesterday was lovely. The whole family watched Wall-e at Cineleisure yesterday. "Eeeeeeeva?" Wall-e is an adorable character! After that, off to Padini. Spend about RM300-ish there. My mom was being super-ultra nice! Love ya mom! I came out with 2 tops and 2 jeans. Alright, next to Borders. I didn't end up buying anything there because spent a wee bit too much at Padini. Maybe next time! And this evening, I'm going to raced myself back to Wangsa Maju! And hopefully get to hang out with my friends there. Amen. I'm just staying there for a night though, and tonight we're going for sushi. Now, what's on for tomorrow?


Experiment #1

Experiments with my fully scratched Sony was done just now due to my boredom. I was searching for something that is attractive and striking with a touch of unique. So, there's the outcome. Experiments took less than 5 minutes to set up the whole lot and to find the ingredients for it. I was going to show the picture of the cactus I took but then the image file was pretty big and I couldn't be bothered to change the image size because it will actually ruin the whole thing together.

It's just a hologram

Hide the pain, or you'll be down the drain.

I'm stuffed with homeworks and folios this holiday. And currently exhausted because of the extra curriculum camp which was held in Ulu Yam from last Friday till yesterday. I'll give it a 5 out of 10. Aint that bad neither good. The ab sailing and river crossing and the let's get wet activities was fun.

Don't you see, just get comfort all will an idea. Get familiar with something. Just get used to it, okay. What makes a thing what it is. Is in inherit? Or is it whatever meaning we assign to it?


No Added Sugar

Est-ceci que vous appelez des amis ?

I will remain silent as always until you break this silent treatment shits. Please, don't make me lose my temper by doing this to me. Every questions I asked, you said nothing except, "I don't know you." So, how am I suppose to know what happened and what's wrong. Logic baby! Logic! And now, you're ignoring me. Made me look like a pathetic self-talker in class. And to be honest, I am not guilty at all. I don't feel wrong, not at all. But your attitude made my happy mood go down the earth crust. Seriously, it did. I was trying to talk, you ignored. I was talking to somebody else, you interrupt. Haven't got anything better to do, love? Hope you do. Now, a pinch of sugar will help me calm down.


So ah-dorable!

"Your hair, your eyes, your old Levi's"

A splendid start of the day with Strawberries dipped in Vochelle sitting at the Basketball court watching people playing and sitting there, life-less. After that, back to 7Eleven for a cup of Maggi. Which I haven't ate for almost 2 months. I miss Maggi! This Friday, there's Parent's Evening and my marks are atrocious. Thank God I won't be there due to the camp that the school's having. Atlast! A camping trip!


les feux rouges nous disent de s'arrêter

Do you have a balanced diet?

My fats are growing fatter each day, for goodness sake. 45kg worth of body and fats. And I'm not tall, at all. Just average. A bottle of coke and a bar of chocolate did not do the trick. Neither is a J Co Donut and a touch of icing plus Soy drink to top it all up. Even though my eyes are working on The Clique Series, there was no alchemy that could kiss my fats goodbye. If only I could fit into a size 1, that would be le rêve! I was going to bake brownies for tomorrow. But my nerves won't let me do it. Maybe just strawberries with a touch of Cadbury's? Will that do? Oh yeah, the AB Crew (Anti-Bitch Crew, sounds pretty typical? But heck, it's true) is having a netball match very soon. Wish us luck. I'm wrapped around a purple death dress nowadays at school which makes me into a Barney which equals to a clown which makes me look like a goof. I love you Kerajaan for choosing such a striking colour for the PRS! When sarcasm strikes!

Quadratic Formulae

Will this be the last glance?

By mixing all the alchemy I've learn about it. Nothing seems in place. A mix of friend's torture and humour that is not humorous at all equals to embarrassment while fronting the it, running away is the best solution that my brain will put up with. So, running it is. Starting a whole new page, fresh start. Holding The Clique : The Pretty Committee Strike Back while walking is the daily routine. A book is a must in thy hand. A so-called accessory to the whole Purple goof outfit which is normally called Barney or even the clown. Disturbing sounds from the whole class wouldn't calm this brain down nor the mind. Peace and quiet would be the key. But, you will crave for noise one day. A drop of Appletiser on the tongue would relax everything. Too bad I was fasting. Daily routine in class: a) books opened. b) silent from me till book's finished. c) don't want any disturbance. d) will be sitting there till I'm happy with whatever I read. Geeky, much? Thank you. I know.


My tummy is grumbling again, too bad I can't get a bite of anything at all. Fasting. And my internet is being freaking sad, it kept going on and off and it's really-really-really slow. Too slow to tell if it was dead or alive. My dad and brother went to Cameron Highland the other day, so they bought me cacti (plural for cactus?) and strawberries! I was thinking of having a little picnic at school. Maybe tomorrow.

& my Sony camera is shitzing problematic!



I felt like I was pinned on a wall with full of hateful words. I felt like I was hit by the angry waves that came rushing through me and broke my body structure. Nothing can help nor heal me. Nothing at all. Spikes poked through me, whip lashes on me. A smack on the cheek won't hurt. But the loss of love kills. Killing me slowly. Face's expression swings moderately. No more happiness lies in me. No more happiness that's going to bring me back to life.

I'm being emo-ish. Bad luck.


Rows and collumns.

You've shattered the trust I have on you.

I can't trust anybody here, right now. No more trust. I shall keep my lips sealed. Cos all they do is spill. So now, I will keep quiet till school finishes. I thought trusting is the Number 1 rule that friends should have. But, thy broke it. No more gossiping and talkative Aisyah, just the sad ass for now.

I've been staring at shoes for over an hour now. I want gladiators! But too bad I'm always busy over the weekends until I don't have any spare time to go out and enjoy myself. God-damn it. I need to go to Borders badly to continue my collecting The Cliques session.


Starbucks, please!

One week without Starbucks and couting. God Damn it! I need some caffeine!

I'm in love.

The Miu Miu Vitello Lux Satchel is a whooping $1150! Let's dream.


It was a very sad start of a day, I was fasting today. So, my mood was uncontrollable. I'm pissed off. Only God knows why. Tired. Helpless. I can't even do my school work. And the people of my surrounding are not helping. Never mind. Better luck next time.


Are you feeling blue?

No, I'm feeling merry! Marching competition was sidesplitting. I'm never going to embarrass myself ever again.


Ajaran sesat

The marching event was seriously hilarious.

"Squad, akan berjalan berempat-empat, dari kiri cepat jalan."

What the hell. Where did the commander learn that shit from?
Oh well, 4th place came to us. Wait, was it 4th or last. Either one it doesn't matter. Because we have extra food. I'm killing myself. We were like, scattered. Totally scattered and all of us were pretty blurred. It ends here!


Not another day.

Day of humiliation will be begin tomorrow and will be continued for a week. Hopefully not. Scout's marching will be officially put down on the black list for the terrible turns and the false formation. I will need a Joker's mask or any mask at all to cover my face. But then, no point of being embarrassed. Because I'm part of the marching and the scouts as well. But I have to say, the fucktards that barged in wasn't a help at all. All they do is laugh in our face and insult us with their impulsive use of words. Plus their demands were not good either. With a light bulb above me, it says that they're trying to show off their not-so wonderful talents, like shouting like an ass hole. I will be glad not seeing them again today. Or else, my day will be ruined. Anyway, the marching practices were fun but tiring. And it was distracting as well. Finger cross, tomorrow will be a Well Done day. If not, it might as well be the day of humiliation. Notes to readers, siapa makan cili, dia akan rasa pedas.