Another goodbye.

The weekend at home had been rad. Marvelous food 24/7. Dear Macbook right in front of my eyes. And the comfy bed behind. Everything I need is here. Sadly, it's time to bid another 'Au Revoir' this evening. Life.. is.. unfair. Final semester exam in a week time. I aint prepared. But I have to be prepared. Okay, I should do less talking to myself. Anyways, I'll be back on the 12th November. Do miss me.

xoxo Aisyah.



Things are just fine. Not great though, just fine.

I can still cope with things around here, still breathing perfectly.

I tend to be overdosed by homework that leads me to late nights.

I can wait.. 3 more days. That's it. 3 more days.


Been keeping my evenings busy with basketball, joining in games unconditionally (sebab macam tak tahu malu langsung) and then just to keep fit. Yeah right. Totally gained a few obvious kilos. But surprisingly lost one during the exam week, I was dreadfully sick then. Camped inside the sick bay the whole week, it was totally horrid. I swear to God. But yeah, that made me lose a kilo. And that's a good thing :-)

Now I have to direct a part of Gulp & Gasp..

The only thing I'm missing are the actors..

And the play is supposed to be presented tonight..

I love you gaiz. (Note: SARCASM)


400th post, babyyyy!

Got my hands on this lovely in bloody red:

I'll be coming home for you this Thursday! LOL.
Cya guys ;-)