Sealed with a kick.

Supppppppp faggots.

Escaped the house around 1030 and went to OU. Thought I could do a lil' bit of shopping for Raya. But guess whaaaaaaat! I did 10% of it and came home with a small amount of stuff. And I became the Pull and Bear addict, once again. 5 long hours wasted like that. K whatevs. I feel like eating pizzas for dinner. I have no idea why. It had been in my head all day long. And somehow, I can't stop thinking about it. I bet I sound rather odd. Odd is my middle name.

Anyways, THANK YOU HUZAIRRRRR. You've made my night, bueno partner! :-D So, I was online on YM and then Huzair's IM popped up. And yadayadayada.. we buenoed together and then he posted a post about me in his blog. It made me smile till I dozed off ;-)

Today is a happy day for Aisyah!


Semi-nightmares, semi-dreams.

BONJOURRRRR. (I had a sudden urge to type in French :-Z)

I was so close to die of embarrassment yesterday. An inch close. Nah, not really. I spent my weekends in UIA with the other PMR candidates for 16 hours in that cramped mini-auditorium. I kept getting leg cramps every 10 minutes. That's how bad it was.

First day, I cleverly followed some other dudes to this other auditorium and sat in there as if it was nobody's business. Acting all clever and shizz, we chilled out inside there for around 10 minutes or so. Until.. the clock struck the embarrassment minute. Me, Nani and Muhsin went into the wrong auditorium. Look as innocent as possible, we walked poshly down the stairs and sprinted outside while laughing like some granny that was choking on a sunflower seed. It was that terrib. I practically laughed the whole day because I don't really like having to be 100% embarrassed. I'd rather laugh at myself and the other two. Okay, aku agak bodoh.

Moving on.. I made new friends today. Imagine, me making friends with the lad sitting next to me that is from some sekolah agama in Kedah. Odd. But, I did it yo! And the other lads sitting on my row just won't keep their gigantic gob shut. I nearly ordered some haggis all the way from Scotland to stuff in their mouth. Yes, that bad. So, all the subjects were pretty fine. Science switched my brain off and left me in hunger of le internet. I was a millimetre closed going to my dream land which I dream on going for how ever long I have dreamed while in that crowded auditorium. Heh. I wish for better seats as well and you can figure out why.

Roasted chicken for dinner.. with roasted potato and creamy gravy.. ahhhhh. I swear I felt like I was in heaven for the first few minutes. I mean c'mon, everybody feels like that when their taste buds make contact with any type of food at all when breaking their fast innit?

I'll be bitchin' more soon. So, stay tuned yo! Cos, I don't wanna be the freak that types for herself.


I come in peace.


This is not working.. Let's try again.

Hey! I'm Aisyah and I'm a Cadbury addict and I'm craving for it right now! So if you are really, really kind, please kindly drop them off at my house. Or I'll probably go to yours and scare you to death with my death glares and then start rummaging through your fridge for Cadbury. Thanks ♥

I feel awesome cos I'm awesome. HAHAHAHA. die.

I feel good lately, I mean even better than having a Galaxy melting in your mouth. Wait, nothing could beat that feeling! Anyways, I've been lazying off for the past few days, y'know holidays and being lazy is such a great combination that nobody can ever miss. Well, maybe I'm the only homosapien that couldn't ever miss it. Moving on.. I'm left with Muaz today! Meaning.. I'll be mengerat-ing silaturrahim with Muaz. Cannot go gila kan? Lol.

Who's kindly enough to take me out? (Does those eye-flickering thingy majig)

Have a good day peopleee! And spread the love! (WTF is wrong with me. hahahaha)


Not another one.

Didn't take any meds in the morn. Body temp is rising. The head is spinning. The weak is taking over me. So, that means I'll be lying on the bed sooner or later.



Aint that perfect.

Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up
And every night I miss you
I can just look up
And know the stars are
holdin' you, holdin' you, holdin' you tonight

- FM Static

What a starting of a week. It have been nothing to cherish about. I feel like a no-lifer sitting in front of my lappy typing these words, shoving all those revision books aside, wondering when.. when I'll have the mood to pick em' up again. I detest mood swings. Hah. I hope it will disappear sooner or later cos it had been such a drag. I think.. I should quit thinking too much. And leave my hopes aside and run wild. Be happy and hyped up like the old Aisyah. And cheer people up instead of vice-versa. That's it.

I'm starving for some cheese cake. Teruk gila aku niii.



An avvy start.

I woke by myself around 9AM, believe it or not. Checked the mirror-- a disastrous looking Aisyah. My hair serious macam orang gila. Lol. I arrived home last night from kampung around 10PM-ish and dashed for the lappy upstairs. I miss le internet. Chatted till past midnight, done the usual typical shizz that Aisyah would do. Crammed on the bed after receiving a few texts and there you go. She slept soundly as if there's no tomorrow. And S, I didn't dream of you! :-)

So talking about Muar. I slept the whole God-damn day I was there cos y'know, I can't study and all due to the.. weather and environment. So, there I was being the couch potato and bed head. It's no fun being the lazy me, seriously.

Leonardo (the one on the left) is so freaking comel-- but horny. 8D




Short journeys last long.

After all the exams, alas! I had time to hang out with my mates. Sweetest time.. sadly a few were missing. Not my luck.. ? But whatevs, it was awesome :-D

Had a late lunch at McD-- I was in the starvation mode, I paid for Fatin Suraya's cos I had to. Hahaha. Then, walked to my crib which was like a gazzilion miles away. Not. A few mins walk, perhaps? Fatin caught a horny's attention-- HILARIOUS. And Hiqmal tried to suicide, it aint a new news. Then, messed around in the playground, the usuals.. and then it started drizzling. Strolled home in the drizzles and watched Disney at home.. The lads were like so-so to get in the house, penakut? xD Then, there goes the eardrum-breaking laughs and shrieks. The sun was out again, ran to the playground nearby. Camwhored and messed with the swings and shizz. The end.

Okay I love today <3

& I love you Fatin Suraya eventhough you hate me! :-)


Traffic in the head.

The lappy is putting my mood off-- it's being shitty all over again. (Sigh)

The exams were aceee! Not. I've been dreading myself for the whole week, which amazingly stressed me out. But yeah, that's what y'call exams. Oh how I wish I have a hamster to chew on -_- It was that awful yo!

Hersheys kisses had brighten me up a bit though. :-) My dear mother just came back from Langkawi, so going home empty handed is so not cool. Chocolates are in the in-list for the things-we-have-to-have-for-trials. And she came back with a well pricey Clinique face thingymajig for me aswell. And Asma was trying to make a joke saying, if that thing doesn't work, other treatment won't work neither. Pffft.

TRIALS = pretty much shitty = aint good = sayonara my dear companion, le phone.

Nevertheless, chocolates turned the frown upside down! I remembered scribbling about some chemicals that the brain releases.. endorphins during English. Okay, lameeeee. Now, you may proceed the next step which is clicking the God-damn red cross on the top right of your screen.


It aint a meditative trance.

There I was, under the drizzle of rain, under the tree, waiting to catch a glimpse of you again. I see you. But these were just hallucinations that luminously appear in my congruent mind. I had an impulse to see you. Some urges doesn't succeed and will proceed to the next phase, the first dissapointed chamber y'know. But, patience is a virtue. I memorise those four words by heart. Things take time to work out perfectly. Yes, I know.

I, once longed to splurge all the inner-feelings that couldn't resist anymore hold-ups. Sadly, the victim had always dissapeared in the midst of air. I am dissapointingly annoucing that this is the dissapointment number two. Get a grip and go with the flow. Those were the typical phrases I whisper to myself. Wishing that my hopes will hike up drastically in a milisecond.

A girl can't hope too much. Can she? (sigh) Unlucky, yet again.

Simple words will assists me in reconstructing my self again. Will you do your part and get in your role and help?



Goodnight messages and calls are godsend <3


Rain, rain come again.

I solemnly swear that I am cutting down on chocolate. LOL. Nevaaaaaaah.

Ditched classes today due to the photography sessions which kept on postponing every single minute. I ended up wagging PE and KH with Ashy Shellybelly Faghag, we don't even learn, so what's the point. Went all giddy and hyped up after the short dream excursions on le darling table. Soaked myself with rain, I miss drenching myself avec mes amis outside the class and singing along to some random songs. And doing whatsoever like it aint anybody's business. Boleh jadi gila tujuh macam. Well, that's Aisyah Hamid. Peace yo'!


I wish I can sleep forever.

Early nights = Late mornings. Pelik is my middle name.

Aisyah + history + desk + table + books + dreamland = SLEEPING AISYAH.

The above occurred to me during the evening.



Stars are battling gas and dust in the Lagoon Nebula--
I'm having them awkward attraction towards the picture above..

High during midnights-- I can be high like a drunk ninja or I can just be somebody that had fallen for HT <3 I swear I smell like Quaker Cookies & Cream chewy bar right this second. I've been having this weird forces that kept ordering me to stuff them into my already-fat tummy. That was just so wrong..