Quirky Finds.

Opening today next to and in Philadelphia's Schuylkill River (between Market Street and Chestnut Street) is Light Drift by Eric Höweler and J. Meejin Yoon's MY Studio. According to the city's Mural Arts Program, "Light Drift creates an atmosphere, a field of lights that transform in color and intensity based on the public interaction with it."


The orbs on land are cushion-like seats that respond to the presence of people. When occupied, signals are sent via RFID tags to the floating orbs which then pulse between green and blue.

Parametric 3d Human Model

The "resting state" for the orbs is an alien-like green (below). As the top rendering shows, the land orbs signal to their floating companions diagonally, so when more than one person engages the different seats the effect is a criss-cross; the more people the merrier.


To quote Mural Arts again, "The individual elements are vacuum formed translucent shells molded from PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol). PETG is a non-toxic and fully recyclable material that is milky in color, easy to mold, and acts as a diffusing element for the lighting inside. The electronics consist of custom micro controllers and RFID (radio frequency identification) transmitters, allowing each orb in the field to be addressable, and specifically controlled by transmitters on the land. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting allows the orbs to glow and change colors."


The installation will be on exhibition until Sunday, coinciding with the end of
Design Philadelphia. "After Light Drift is de-installed, the project may be reinstalled at a second venue in Boston, on the Charles River. When the project is finished, the PETG materials will be recycled." Check out Eric Höweler's flickr set on the project for many more photos of the installation and its assembly.


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Everything Is Average Nowadays.

Gay faces, ya I know. + EYEBAAAAAGS.

Webcam-whoring while trying on the jubah/abaya I just bought in the afternoon for Umrah next month. People, oui, this is the real Aisyah. All sized up. Hah.

Started my day with ma mere's marvelous noodles which I haven't had for ages, so yes, it was totally delicious. And made my way to Nina's house all the way in Rawang to catch up on the latest gossips (gossips ke?), our whole conversation started with the typical Sup, hows your life in boarding school. And it lasted for an hour or so. As per usual, we talked non-stop. Especially when Asma, the sista is around. Then off to Shah Alam to scavenge for some Umrah apparels and yes, lunch at Noodle Station wasn't that bad. I felt a wee bit weird when my drink arrived looking like some yellow dye that had been dropped purposely inside some drink. But, it was good. Like seriously good. I literally drop dead in the car after a few minutes settling my glutenous maximus. The end of today.

I just think everything is pointless nowadays. Help me revive myself, please?


Whatever You Like.

I'm having one of those days where I would re-read my old posts in the previous years. I miss the old days. Those days, I cherish the most.


Life, as we know it.

The shoutings and sobbing was worth it, look ma! Best director! Thank you 404. Merci beacoup! ♥

I must say, I do love MJSC Langkawi.


From the otha side.

HA-HA! Tumblr.


Boredom conquers me, again.

The old memories couldn't be erased. At all. I swear. And I'm starting to miss everything again.
It's making me mouth out 'send me back to Langkawi'.

Sigh. Double sigh.

My daily schedule is totally jumbled up and tied in a knot. Seriously. Nevermind. I'm gonna try to have the time of my life while it lasts! Campfire this evening with the scouts and I can't wait. Gonna see my pretty Khadijah again with a few surprises. What else eh? Add Maths.. Chemistry homework awaits. I can mount them up on the table for now. Bedroom needs a lot, je regardez a lot of cleaning to do. Gotta stop being an anti-social and super glue my eyes on the Macbook's screen. Some exercising to be done as well with Hakim. Every morning at 7? No hope darling, no hope. Sadly, I can't wear any trainers or any shoes right now. The toe is being excruciatingly painful. I am bored. You could tell.


Listen Missy.

Syok sendiri, can meh?

Gained extra extra extra kilos. Proof, them cheeks. Dewan Selera's cooking treated me fairly well after Raya. The aftermaths? THIS. And the bulky bag filled with food, that as well.

I have no idea why I'm posting such thing.

Okbai. I miss you gaiz.


Hey honey, Aisyah is back!