Aint being a tad bit productive at all lately.
I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do.
Homeworks? Studying? I think I'm just gonna do some headbangin'.



Just found the perfect dress for Annual Dinner. The theme is vintage. Hopefully they have still have em' in stock. All hail Zara.



Absence makes the heart grow fonder, oui?

Again, I apologize for the longggggg MIA. SPM and school have been keeping me occupied like, entirely for the previous months till I no longer have anytime to spare for blogging. Anyways, Selamat Berpuasa semua! Hope you guys will enjoy to the max fasting and performing tarawih, who knows, this might be the last year you'll be fasting.. Cherish your Ramadhan.

Will be going back on the 25th, so, watch out! Aisyah might be.. in your wardrobe playing hide and seek.