I'm in the world of self-delusion. Where.. I am wherever I want to be.


Eid-ul Adha was on 27th November and here I am, stuck and super-glued in Muar with the shittiest internet connection ever. It aint a good combination. I wouldn't be able to blog if it weren't for the amount of patient I have with me right now-- I just had breakfast, lucky. I would usually ditch the lappy for something more productive like.. the TV! Yes, TV! Or wasting my precious time with my precious texting mates. They're the ones that cure my boredom whenever nothing fun can be done. Or I could just sit around and do some revisions on Science for the MRSM's exam coming up this 7th December (Yeah, right) which I am nowhere near ready-and-let-the-party (exam)-started!

But, I have good news! Good news are usually more pleasurable to key-in. I'll be spending the typical Moody Monday with my darling Nizzy and bloody Nina in OU! We're gonna catch up on New Moon. I know, we're a bit late. But, who cares. So, it'll be the Marvelous Monday instead tomorrow. (Why the eff do I sound ever-so hyped up) And according to the 701 Oath, I truly swear down that I won't spend my cash on something I don't need 'cos I'm really, really skint right now. That's the helluva no fun bit. Anyways, that's the only thing I'll be looking forward next week, really. And I'll be off to Penang on Thurs. I am not sure what I'll be doing there.. Mhm. Anybody kind enough to list me down some must-go places?

I'll be heading off home in the afternoon! (Dances with glee!)


Enigmatic morning rage.

This room is simple but serious shit daintyyy + the Macbook.

And this is the dragon's lair.


Nothing is update-worthy.

Not a blissful day.

I haven't posted anything in ages. That's very unlikely of me. Probably the blogging vibes have made it's exit after days and days of ultra boredom that will probably send you to bed after reading each sentences. I don't even know if I'm making sense or not. Well, what the hell.

Wangsa Maju came to the rescue when I had nowhere to go. Well I do, but then the house would probably be deserted if I didn't escape and make my way to Wangsa Maju. Played basketball in Seksyen 5 with my loved ones. I purposely dropped out half-way.. because I was tired. Lies. I wasn't into basketball like the old days. Right.. the old days. (Does the awkward frown thingymajig.) Gossiped with Shahera and Hanim non-stop till I fell off this exercising thingy, the conversation got way too interesting. Nothing impressive though. Hunger pangs struck. It sucks hard. After 'playing' basketball, we headed off to KFC cos I was all 'mengedik gila nak pegi'. It was crowded with.. I don't know, maybe Year 6s and Form 1s? Had cheesy wedges all for myself-- That hungry! But y'know I wasn't that evil, bought some for my other mates aswell. Went back home and had a movie marathon. Popadum + Setem. They were quite amusing. Thumbs up! Wangsa Maju ends here because my parents won't allow me sleep overnight for some odd reasons. Right.

New Moon in 4 days. Can't go to the Premieres this time. Raya Haji is just around the corner.. so yeah. I'll be shoving myself back to kampung. Kuala Selangor then.. Muar kot? I don't know. So I'll probably go next week, if my dad allows me to. You will allow me, right, Pa?

I don't know where this post is going. Ugh. I'll stop here.


Liking things that way.

Nothing is good so far. Knowing the fact that my batik pouch thingy got stolen at school, which had my personal stuff inside it-- fah-bulous! (HAHAHA inside joke) Moving on.. I've got good news and bad news. Which one first? The good news is my bad news is aint that bad to be precise. The bad news is we're going to be left with no eccentric Form 5s anymore to annoy next year. I'll probably miss them gazillion loads <3 I didn't even have the chance to wish them Good Luck and say the last few words till we'll be separated. Mhm well, just not my luck. Maybe on Wednesday, or will it be too late?





2012, hell yeah!


managed to find our ways to Pavi from KLCC. LOL. I mean like, serious shit it's probably my first time there. Biarlah aku jakun jap T_T

and was just in time for the movie due to the long queue for the popcorn and shizz.

Roamed around F21 to find some jeans I've been wanting. Tough luck, didn't even find them eventhough it was as one of the biggest retailer. I'd rather go to OU's. Sigh.
seriously adorable dress for a pretty good price and got Hannah's late birthday gift. Sorry babe.
uniform. Aint awesome. Exchanged weird looks, as usual.

sadness that occurred during some point. Ama got me those BK crowns to cheer me up! :-')
PM+ I wish I could stay till next year..


The Awakening of wha?

An emptied, blank mind is all I require for the time being.

Nothing had been productive and fun for the past few days. Tried to rejuvenate everything, outcomes = nothing worked. Huh. Well hopefully I'll be having an awesome time this Friday and Saturday in PD with my mates. That's a hopefully. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

& I've been dreaming about vampires lately. Ugh, too much vamp influenced books.



Guess who's up next?


Here we go again.

You could probably guess what I've been doing today.

Mhm.. Things come and go. Feelings run and they flow. Hatred will be locked safe inside. Whereas the happiness are free to fly. Odd thoughts accumulate as I read sentence by sentence of a rather
less attractive detective novel which I don't really fancy. The mind would start to wander off somewhere further than the sky above and I'd ponder upon things that struck my mind out of the blue. I'd be tangled up in my own world for mere seconds till my friend's laughter can be heard from across the room. Wake up.. I'd lead myself in a realm of my medieval times, the surroundings were ever so clear. It was those mesmerizing days where I would either cheer till no voice can be heard or smile the whole day till my jaws suddenly drops. But, I wasn't really keen on remembering them recounts. It'll just make me yearn for it, again. It's no good.

Off to bed. Yes, this early. Good night.


Archetypical Routine.

You'd spot me with a book in my hand the whole day in school today. Cos I'm an awesome bookworm like that. Started reading The Hollywood Ending by Robyn Sisman. A dull start of a novel, it wasn't like those novels that truly catches your mind and brings you into the whole fantasy world that you'd imagine whole-heartedly till you can't even recall what your friend had told you few minutes before. I wasn't really up to reading it though. But, the book is the one and only entertainment I had left for the next 97345 hours until it's time to get our ass outside the school gate. Well the book is really about an actress named Paige or what she calls herself, an actor, living in Hollywood and flew cross country to London for the Shakespear theatre. And yadayadayada.. You'll probably fall asleep quater-way through because I truly did. Stashed my head into the book while sleeping, typical. Or maybe I was over loaded with last night's schedule (I sound like a busy 'woman'-- didn't even do much) and was pretty much weary.

And heeeeeeeey, I'm trying to look as happy as I can. (Fakes a happy face) HA. Who gives a shit anyways. -- Singing Kate Nash - Merry Happy.


Sincerely, me.

Nothing I expected.

Tremendous weekends followed by a horrid Monday. Slept at Iman's during the weekends, made these awkward pizzas-- they weren't that awkward. Had skull and star pizzas for dinner that made me bloated half-way through. Post-dinner, we watched an immense amount of not-so scary movies. Tried on having a movie marathon that stopped around 2AM due to the wrath of the unbeatable eyes that were constantly closing. Woke up around 930AM because of.. heck, I don't know. Everybody was up then and I was the only one that was still lying down, drop-dead. Had breakfast and such and such. Made candy apples with Iman Le Chef. Mission 031 accomplished. Then used the leftovers to make dainty candies. It woz fun. Seriously. Then we watched Forrest Gump and played Little Big Planet. Death calls me every single time, kept dying while playing it. Mhmmm.. I have nothing else.


▲ Read My Lost and Found Life by Melodie Bowsher.
▲ Nearly fell asleep in class.
▲ Stuffed in the crowded Makmal Bahasa where the Form 5As were serious shit noisy.
▲ Ran around school like a maniac, again. It's a typical routine now.
▲ Ate loads but I can still feel the hunger roaring through my tummy.
▲ Craving for vanilla ice-cream.
▲ Sore hands due on trying to play John Mayer - Heart Of Life.
▲ Annoyed by some disturbing comments-- Perlu ke?
▲ Tired of everything. I mean, EVERYTHING.
▲ My flower is wilting and dying :-'(