Dreams are usually kept as a dream.

Paul: hows Malaysia?
Aisyah: hot plus rainy for the past few days. temperature changes occasionally
Paul: not here. bloody cold as usual
Aisyah: good for you lot.
Paul: i wouldn't mind it.
Aisyah: maybe u wouldn't cos you lot enjoy summer, dont ya?
Paul: you wanna swap?
Aisyah: that would be awesome. i miss winter.
Paul: i don't. do an educational swap, ay?
Aisyah: would that actually work?
Paul: -. it mustn't be that bad you always seem happy enough.
Aisyah: that's what you think.
Paul: can't you move here after leaving school?
Aisyah: some requirements needed such as university first, as what my parents said.
Paul: the best times of your life!

Friday, October 31, 2008 - 10:00AM

Moving back there will be the best time of my life. I miss this lad. (sigh)

Acoustic all the way.

Justin Nozuka, 19. Blending elements of neo-soul, folk, old-time blues and pop, Justin has the guts of Ray LaMontagne and the soul of Lauryn Hill. Loving him! His acoustic soul flatters me all the way!

"In his debut album "Holly", Justin Nozuka has created eleven impressive pieces of thoughtful acoustic-soul. Filled with understated melodies, minimal production and an interesting, sometimes dark take on song-craft...4 Stars."
-- BBC

"Superior acoustic soul. .4 Stars." -- Q Magazine, UK

"...Nozuka is producing material that is unlike any other singer songwriters - and consequently is beyond genre definition. Largely, it is one man and his faithful guitar - but with a voice like his, there really is no need for any other instrumentation. In truth it would only get in the way. 4 Stars." -- Belfast Daily Telegraph

"Nozuka seemed very modest, but there was absolutely no reason. He had every eye on him and it was nearly impossible to look away. Every song seemed to outdo the one before it, and when he quietly walked off, we were all aching for more." --Chartattack.com


Dear eyes, please stay up.

I'm hungry, the eyes are weary. Rushed for 1st day of tuition. Jakun, much? And I just realised that one of my classmate is pretty much what you call a dirty minded smart ass. Sadistic guy, he is. I pity him. He also has this problem of recording other people walking aka other people's ass. Back to school, I was probably trying to study. But obviously, the classmates are trying to stop me from it. Evil? Yes. And all those latest gossips and kutukan was seriously hilarious. And no worries. I'm still the sinnocent Aisyah! (grins)


Sometimes I close my eyes..

Yes! I've got the arsing layout back! God damn Blogger, it was being a total pain in the arse last night. Yay me?! I'm typing now, with the sleepy eyes and some layers of fat. I seriously need to go exercise. And it sounds and it is impossible for Aisyah to go exercise every morning of her life starting from today. I tend to be very, very lazy in the morn. Typical.

And I've been stuck to my guitar all day yesterday. Do laugh. I'm just another guitarist-wannabe on your doorstep begging for some audience. Lessons during the holidays? Pleaseeeeee daddy! I guess, no travelling for me during the holidays. Mum will be due on Christmas Day, so.. I'll be sitting infront of the God damn laptop and will be killing and poking my eyes out. Anybody willing to rescue me during this hols? Call me! (whacks-self)

What the.. Pret-A-Poor-Jenny! It's a no-no to Mrs Waldorf! And Hello Mr Archibald!


Hype me up

I don't really have those typical vibes flowing through me. I'm more in to shivering nowadays. Don't ask why. It comes out randomly. Pathetic? I know. It doesn't usually happen unless, 1) I don't eat much - hungry 2) I'm in front of the class 2) .. or in front of a large number of audience 3) god damn excited 4) hyperactive. So, don't mind me. I have no mood of typing out my feelings or whatsoever is in my brain. It's pretty much clogged. But then, there's one thing I have to blurt out.. I MET a few of MY SEKSYEN 5 MATES. I MISS YOU GUYS LOADS like gila! Okay, I dropped a few tears; - a little bit too emotional. But heck, I miss and love you guys! A wee bit disappointed because I didn't get to meet the others. Just not my luck. In the end, I met Julian.
He had grown, oh yes. And the hair, too hot to resist. (pause for laughs) And he is so god damn it cute! If only he was older.. Wait a second. Rewind. I take my words back.

Fallen in love with this:

& the.


Nightmare round the corner

Skeleton key on repeat. Don't ask why. I can't resist it. I tend to write boring shits nowadays, I know I know. I realised it myself. Tomorrow is when the nightmare begins. I should get ready to defend myself.

Bye for now. Pray for me and let me survive.



I had a wonderful time today. Excluding those times I have to go in and out the house and the cleaning up part. The rest, WONDERFUL! Met Munirah and Nina after a while not seeing each other. How nice. My classmates and school friends came, love you lot! More gents than ladies that came. Pathetic. I'm surprised, not. None of my Seksyen 5 mates came. Pretty sad, but it's kinda far away and such. I don't really mind. Us lot went to the park and played like we've never played before. Seriously childish, but fun. And the part when somebody spilled water at me, not fun. I loved the part where all of us were goofing around, it was tad funny. Yeah...


"Aisyah, you talk too much you know."
"What do you care?" I replied with a sneer.

Amek kau! Haritu cakap aku senyap sangat. Bila aku banyak cakap, kau bising.

fish kebab

Religious Education. A total nightmare. Around 20 chapters to store in my brain about it. Why is life so unfair? Exam starts on Wednesday, and I'm typically nowhere near ready. So, it's like, fish kebab.


a type of disorder

I had a great day yesterday with Nani. Went cycling and hung out at the park and so-called studied there. Until a stray dog came towards us. I freaked out. I hate strays. Even stray cats are pretty much scary. Baked cupcakes. Which doesn't seem like cupcakes. More like, burnt plus semi not-so-cook looking cupcakes. Re-do! And this morning, went cycling again, with la soeur for a while and my tires were kinda flat. So more energy needed to cycle. Ahh. The bike is getting rusty every single second. I had it since July 2006. 2 years. I want a new bike then go cycling in the woods and by the lake and sea, just like the old days.

I'm dreaming for the new Macbook Pro. It's well lush. Ah, $1999 anybody? Such a darling.

And could anybody let off a D80 for RM 2k++?


What's yours?

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Compliments are one of your everyday needs. But, could get annoying at times.

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Tad hilarious. You can say that again! TY-PI-CAL.


yes, I deleted Myspace.

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I find this cute.

Life is full of your regrets

"Aku kan dah kata, jangan online lama-lama. Tengok sekarang, dapat sejam sehari je. Padan muka!" Aisyah said to herself.

You guessed it right. 2 hours of le Internet per day. Breakfast, cooked myself a omelette de cheese, which I haven't had for ages! And the end of year exam is a week away. Good gracious and I'm here, in front of the scrumped laptop typing shits which I don't think people even read. And if you're reading, thanks for wasting your precious time reading these.

Somebody's gonna love you
Sombebody oughta lay you out
Don't give it away

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Vampires in Blue Dresses

My room is a complete mess, the wardrobe is even worse. I dumped and stuffed everything I could find lying around in the holy wardrobe. It worked. Merci. And I've found all the old bags I bought back in Manchester. They smell like paper box, the box had been unopened for over a year. And I don't think I'll be needing them. Say bye-bye bags!


This set is love.


I'm the so-called lasagne monster. Har har. And it was marvelous! Zelizous! (tak boleh blah. puji diri sendiri!) It was finger licking good and it was finished less than 15 minutes. It's a fact. Then, I had singing sessions with Nurul, it was tad funny! (I recorded it, but it aint for show) She had a pretty good voice, but I destroyed the rest due to my awful screaming aka singing. Anyways, time to rest. Tired.



A good bath is a bath + lush bath balistics = LOVE. A half an hour under the spring plus Cadbury's hot chocolate. Ha. Calming English orchestras on fm. Everybody's asleep. No disturbants. Just peace and calm at dawn. Miniature stars floating, the perf. fragrance of everlasting flower, bergamot and violets. Magic surrounds me. Ahhhhhhh. Falling asleep in this dream is such a tremendous feeling. Done. Back to studying!



Happy Birthday Fatty Mufasa aka Asma Mahfuzah aka la soeur.

Yeah Mah. She's thirteen on the 7th of October which is today. Obvi. And she will be kicking her arse back to Venezuela. Joke. This la soeur of mine is the only la soeur I have and the most annoying, pathetic, freakish, humiliating one ever. But, deep inside she's great. (I guess) As the eldest sister, I do understand. The 2nd child has their own syndromes, which is pretty much pathetic. (har har) Anyway, Happy 13th Birthday Fuzah, you aint 12 no-more aka you are not a child, you don't look like a child anyway. Keep that in mind or you'll be in nowhere land in the morn. Love ya Mah-sie wannabe!

Had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and had the usual Fish and chips, which is a must! And I was full and actually forced myself to finished it all. And eventually, I did finish it all. Gobbled them all up! And great news! The Clique Collection is completely completed! Thanks to duit raya! And I'll be waiting for some more. Maybe having a sleepover with Munirah on 18th. Final exam on 20th. (Great timing, aint it?) I'll be waiting for you sistah! I really miss you!

To whoever that is heading up for PMR. I wish you lot good luck! And hope you score it all! And try your best and be happy with the outcomes ;-) Amin. I'll surely be praying for you lot, no worries.



School started today. Tired and full of hunger. It was a typical school day with typical me being typically Aisyah, her loner self with the totally untypically mood that swings alot. Let's keep it straight. A day after a week holiday is usually boring. End. 18th October, Open House at La House in Bkt Rahman Putra 2/1. Do come. For more details contact ;-) And I'm looking forward to seeing you lot again! So, datang jangan tak datang. Kalau tak datang, seriously rugi. Aku masak especially untuk you lot! Not.


La cas. eid

(1, 2, 3! Semua buat muka gedik!)

No raya family pictures. Sad much? This year's raya is better than last year's. But not as fun as the past few years, not including last year. First day of raya, no raya spirits at all. It seemed like a normal day with normal useless self. Yes, like that. In conclusion, it's pretty much boring. And the part I hated the most is when somebody goes, "berapa tahun?" and I answered, "baru form 2." Then they continued, "ingat dah masuk University dah." Next, "Mur, anak kau ni sungguh besar ya." What the fish. Okay, I looked matured than my age with the handbag and the heels and the height and the fatness surrounding me. Killed it. So then, I get those comments for the whole first day of raya at Kuala Selangor. And we're off home at night and went to Mak Zam's, Wangsa Maju for the second. Went there for breakfast and obvi I ate there. Had la delcious spagetti made by Makcik Maddy (I just had to say that! Haha!) And, Along was engaged with Kak Cat yesterday. Congrats you two love buds. Then, off to Muar.

Fourth day of raya was casual aswell. In the morning, woke up and took a shower and slipped on my kurung and ran into the car with the heels and handbag macam makcik ape tah. Time for beraya. I love raya at Muar. I seriously do. With the aunts and uncles and grannies and grandpas recognising my name, it's fun. No more of those I look older than my age part. Plus duit raya. (Mata duitan siot!) At night, bunga api/sparkles and fireworks time! Okay. The end. I guess it's pretty much boring on how I described it. To tell the truth, it's a tiny weenie bit fun. Alright.