No pain, no gain?

My tummy is seriously testing me. Gastric struck again 2 nights ago. So, at the IIUM hostel, I was purely suffering on my bed since midnight. Aint that just.. awe to the some? I woke up every hour due to the irresistible pain. I felt like I was on my death bed.

And, yesterday morning, I called my mum up and I needed a rest so badly. Mum sent me to the clinic and back to Wangsa Maju. As I set my foot in my Aunt's crib, I collapsed restlessly on the sofa. The body temperature rised up to only-God-knows-what-the-temperature-was. So yeah, I was dead for the whole afternoon till evening. Absolutely flawless. The nightmare-ish thunder woke me up from the dreadful dream. Geddit? It's a dream, but it's dreadful? Okay, whatevs. Went home. Slept again. The end.

The pain of gastric. Hollerrrrrrr!


Debate Shemalabate.

IIUM 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009.

My weekend was stuffed with debates, debates and more debates. Do you know how excruciatingly crucial it was? I mean, how would you feel if you have a day that includes a briefing about a thing that you're new with and you have zero, nada, non knowledge about it. And then, straight after that, you have to actually do the thing that you've just learnt 5 minutes ago. I mean, isn't that pretty much like, out of our minds? But then, I must say I was surprised that I fulfilled all the tasks that were given. Bytheway, those previous stuff occured yesterday.

And today, what happened today, you may ask? I daydreamed all day. I lied. I wish I could daydreamed all day and not be worrying about the things that are going to happen. Like before. I screwed up a debate because.. well.. I was lacking of self-confidence. I mean seriously, I couldn't really stand my grounds firmly. My point doesn't even make sense. Well, to tell the truth, I know that I don't make sense and I was probably crapping the whole way through without thinking. HA-HA. Sad much? But, I was the best speaker for 2 rounds. I'm happy. HAHAHA. Okay, enough. I am soooo soooo sooo hungry right now. So like, I'm currently consuming some cream crackers and tuna from the local shop. Okay, enough. I'm full.



I haven't updated this space ever since Cadbury was no longer one of my favourites. Which is pretty much recently. Anyways, I'll be away starting from tomorrow till Wednesday. I'll be embarrassing myself in front of the public in the IIUM Interschool Debate thingymajig. And, first of all, I don't know how to even start a debate. Even better, how to debate. Second of all, I'm not sure what I'll be doing there. Thirdly, I have no idea what I am going to get, well maybe I do, experiences and such? Fourthly, I'll be a corpse on Sunday because I said so. Fifthly, would somebody rescue me if I need help? And last but not least, if I am actually going to say something.. I'll be running faster than a cheetah chasing after its prey. (Collapse completely)


Writing to reach you.

Hi. I'm writing to say.. that.. I.. I.. I..


Trying to figure out what to bitch about this time..

Spent the weekends in Perlis, there's nothing awesome around here to tell the truth. And I am putting myself to sleep every single second. And trying to keep myself awake after every single second. I know, that doesn't make sense. That's what makes me awesome. Anyways, my legs are still aching since Friday. It aint a good news. But whatevs, it was worth it :-)

I'll be shoving my ass back home at night. So that means.. I'll be arriving home in the middle of the night which means I won't have any time to complete any of my homeworks since I haven't touched any since Friday which means I'll be doing "jalan itik" on Monday which means I will be humiliating myself in front of the public which means it's going to be the end of my life which means I will no longer have a life that I look forward to which means I'll be spending my life in front of the lappy, in that way, I wouldn't be embarassed by anything because I'll be spending my life in the Internetz world which means I'm sure I'll be fatter than the hippo in the next couple of years.

ROFLZZZ. This is one of my stupidest post yet. Okay, what a sober.


How to undergo this week.

I haven't spill any thoughts here for ages.

The brain is still malfunctioning. Feed me some Cadbury and Coke and I'm sure it will electrify me with it's killer sugar contents.

Will be continued..