Sports day avec mes amis.

Awoken by my ringtone that cringed my ear. Heavenly gruesome calls in the morning, a replacement for an alarm clock. And I had to get ready in less than 20 minutes. What could a girl do in 20 minutes? At the same time, the bed was desperately yelled my name, all I could do was clogging my ears with some imaginary ear plugs and make my way to the bathroom, ignoring the irresistible sound waves. Arrived at school earlier than the earlybirds. A morning glory, that's what it was. Semi-asleep, semi-awake on the dreaded bench in the canteen. Waited for some hero/heroine to rescue me, waited for a quite sometime. All of these previous sentences are not update-worthy.

Spent the whole morning with my mates, clinging on to them (or was it vice-versa?), vaining in front of the camera. I had no intentions of doing that, I swear. Started clicking the button for at least an hour non-stop. Then, walked.. strolled.. appreciating the scenes that were occurring. Grouped up in the canteen to discuss my Romeo and Juliet casts for oral. Soon after, the milo van whispered our names and led us to itself, we scurried there and tried to avoid the pools of mud at the same time.

Moving on..

I ditched my casts and ran to the field to enjoy the tug-of-war scenes which was rather side-splitting and quickly grabbed a front-row seat to watch the incoming race. The runners were awe to the some. Some screaming and cheering were done that lead me on having a sore throat, and the teachers were pretty much over-the-top. Way far worse than us. Thank God my ears are still functioning well.

Anyway, Perdana was announced yet again first place. And we all lost our voice in the end and done whatever a winning team should be doing-- running around like a kook. Yessssss, epic.


She said wuttt?

I love my teacher. She actually confessed to me that she couldn't understand me at some point and she will keep asking me to repeat my sentences whenever she has no idea what I'm crapping about. This is fun. Now, I have to discharge my Manchunian accent and speak in the Malaysian accent. This is so God-damn it fun. I've been trying to do that ever since 2007. But, I never succeeded. YAY FOR AISYAH! Too bad you have to cope with my none understandable nonsense.

Moving on.. My mates came over my house today and we raced to the basketball court. Hezrina tagged along, same goes to my little brother that was so God-damn annoying and I felt like pushing him down the hill. Note: I am innocent. So yeah, played a lil' bit of basketball then went wondering about and "nearly" got chased by some dogs which weren't really that cute.


Why bother?

Oh come on. Are the teachers here to electrocute us with those killer homeworks? Homeworks are full of electrons by the way that would actually demolish our clean minds during our holy days. But then yeah, that's the cons and there's more pros to it. I was stuck with heaps of homework and I am stupendously free right now. We shall celebrate tonight with some sparkling juice!

I hung out with my old school mates in the morn. Caught up with the latest gossips and shizz. And screamed and fooled around at the basketball court. Waking dead people up with our high-pitched gifts and not giving a damn about anything. Dodging the ball and getting all hyped up with M&Ms. Boo-ing when the goal doesn't succeed and screaming our lungs out when we made it. Just like the old good days! :-)


May you rest in peace.

I'm gonna bitch about my favourite K-Swiss! A major LOL. So, I had a long history with this particular trainers of mine. And yeah, it had been nearly everywhere. Not really, but yeah. But sadly, I took it for the Scouts Lencana Usaha Camp. And that's where the shoes had done it's last couple of foot steps. I accidently left it near the camp fire overnight and the shoe was partly burnt and smelt like BBQ chicken the next morning. Heh, sounds good innit.

So, RIP my darling K-Swiss which everybody had loved and cared for because it has those stripe shifters we could fiddle about with! :-D Maaaaaan, How I wish to have this trainers back.

That was totally out of my mind. I wouldn't have imagined myself keying in this piece of.. junk.

Ignore my klutziness.

Hello. This is me being uber awkward.

To tell the truth.. I miss my old life. I miss my past years, the past couple of years I've lived. Because this year, there's an immense change. MASSIVE. HUGE and you could search the other words in the thesaurus. So, because of that.. I just couldn't help it by skimming through my old posts that include those lovely memories. It gives me flashbacks and puts a grin on my face. The past makes what we are today. And I don't know why I keyed all that in for. (Insert a confused face)

It's Monday and the holiday starts today. I am left with tons of works that have to finished by end of this week. So, Geography course work to be done and it will take 9817820 hours. Okay, that was over. It will take less than 2 days if I work continuously and that is not possible at all. Cut the part where I usually say, "nothing is impossible, darling." So yeaaaaaah.

And if you're wondering about my current cravings. Hints: ABOVE. I'm dying for a new pair of Nike because.. I just am.

Hello world.

I should be cuddling up in bed by now. Too bad I'm not.


I dare you to hit yourself with a hammer.

No lessons for today. It was the day of freedom-- I wish. But yeah, no lessons. So, the typical routine.. and T&D Queen was on loose! Truth or Dare was the shizzzz. Until the prefects fakes to go out of class to call the discipline teacher in. Oh joy! My dares were like, stupidly funnily awesome. Not really. It was moderate. Except the part where I had to do the Chicken Dance. Classic! The relief teacher was staring at me as if I was a zombie or something, wait, even worse.. somebody that legged it out of jail.


La cle

I scavenged through one of the boxes and found these pictures! A week in London with the digital camera chilling out at home. So, the disposable cameras saved my life. All hail disposable cameras! LOL


The head has gone loco.

Have you ever pondered on some things that will actually make you go hopelessly lifeless for a whole day?

I just have tons of stuffz floating around in my head right now. It's either going into the saved items or the trash bin. And I couldn't choose which things go where.

Seems like I haven't blogged fer ages. Well, 5 days to be exact. So, for the past 5 days. I have been accompanying myself with the lovely revision books that had been keeping me awake till 11am. And it wasn't that fun. The first 4 subjects are done. Religious Education, History, Geography and Kemahiran Hidup to go! So yeah. I kept making notes and shizz but then, everything seems to disappear after a couple of times reading it. That aint good. Hm kay, whatevs. I'm out.




RIP o' darling palettes.

Yo! Imma gonna crap about mah life tuh-day. It sucked like hag's. Y'know wut I mean? I got the God-damn exams tuh-maw-rah and it aint fun. I'm trying to force mah-self not to suh-leep ay. That's a pretteh hard thang to do. Y'get wut I mean? Imma gonna con-ti-nueh muh revision now. (Does the chav-like walk with them gold hanging off the neck like them fish baits.)



We humans have our own natural behaviours.

Above is a couple of my deformed chocolate cupcakes. Just saying.

On Friday night, I was 100% free. Not really. I escaped and made my way to Wangsa Maju. It was lovely. Alas, a day out of the miserable house. Despite the awful weather. So, I made chocolate and blueberry cupcakes with Maddy and la soeur. Enjoyable, it was. Excluding the part where I was forced to clean up and wash the equimpments. That was pure boring. And yeah, it tasted awesome. (self-made compliments, J'adore!)

And not to forget, I went to Dominoes with the toddlers from Shaz's nursery and we made pizzas! Them rascals was a pain to handle. Okay, I'm exaggerating. They were little darling angels! Exaggerating again. They're like the typical toddler you see running around the mall. Yes, yes. That's it!