Well, Thank You.

Sit back and relax.

Our minds are usually clustered with the things that we want. The things we have wished for, but were never granted. Our minds are more fond of figuring out why we didn't get this nor that. But hey, have we ever just sat back and pondered upon those things we didn't even wish for or even thought of, but Allah have granted them to us? Think about it. When were we ever satisfied with everything Allah have given to us? When were we ever thankful for every single meager bit of our life? Are we even thankful right this second?


Carpe diem.

Sometimes, it's necessary to make unnecessary things necessary. Such as, making a somebody that is totally foreign to you smile because their face is just obviously plastered with sadness. These little things, for sure, will lighten up that somebody's day effortlessly. Life is short. We will never know when our soul will be taken by the Almighty. We will never know how long we have left to enjoy the life we're living now in this very world. So, what say you?

Carpe diem! (as long as it's still in the boundaries of His laws)

Just a little note, from me to you.