Let's dismantle nobheads!

No. The title has nothing to do with this post.

I felt good in the morning. Morning screams made the breakfast stupendously admirable (Sarcasm). Sandwich for breakfast did not make me bloated at all. And I slept half-way to our destination which was Tasik Perdana/Tugu Negara thingymajig. So, it was the bloody first time in 2 years we're thriving for Geocaching again. A few miles walk didn't hurt a thing except the whole body. Doesn't make sense does it.

The morning was full of us scavenging for the geocaches, 2 were found. You have no idea how it feels to find such.. treasures? (under a rock, 1.5m high above, on a tree and between some bamboo bushes— 200m in an area with no homo sapiens to be found). Sounds fun ay? I traded my 1 penny (1940) keychain and a guitar pick with Korea's stamps for the geocache finds. So long old friend! I was witty the whole morning, especially when my dad gave his lucre so I could get the tranquilizing weapon aka ice-cream! And Nasi Briyani for lunch disposed me a lavish smile plus more unnecessary baggage.


Abre los ogo's..

The bed loves me more and more every day. It suffocates me into my dream land as early as 1130. A spankin' new record for 09! Not really. 9pm was the earliest so far. Ignore if it is a must.

A question needed to be asked.

What would you do if somebody goes bragging over some shits and its pretty much have something to do with yourself?

All I could do now is yawn all day long and stuff my gob with Cadbury and Soy drink. They make a perfect combination and calms me down weirdly, have a try! And trying to ignore the shits would not make it better nor trying to fight it back. Heh?


A screw loose


A date with Mr. XXX.

Baby, I'm back. Ready to conquer the bed!

Sick and tired of the not-so long journey back home. Staggered for the Internet. WTF, I lied. Arrived home, cleaned the trash bin-look-alike room and then ran for the Internet. And was disappointed because the Internet was off. Rang dad and begged him to unblock my fugen loved one. LOL. Sorry, overdo.

Saturday was a bliss, since my dad granted my wish for a Baby-G Sweet Poison watch (view here). I was impressed and it was a steal! 20% off made me smirk all the way to the car. And yeah, it's the bargain hunter calling here. I can be tad girly sometimes because it's gold and white. Har har har. Keep in mind.. I'm not forcing you to adore me. The remaining time minus the glorious fun I had while I was in Muar was.. awful and boring and the other words that could bore you to sleep. So, I was dating with my Mathematic and Science books. They were not as amusing as I thought they would be. A date with the pillow it will be!


Jesse Barrera Feat. Jason Maffucci - Payback (Cover)


GBH of the ear'ole!

Hi. I'm trying to be merrier. Don't have such pity on me. Cos I don't need any.

Weekdays filled with hesitations and it costs me nothing. A week holiday round the corner, next week to be exact. And yet, I am not grinning about it. Instead, pulling long faces all day long. That costs me nothing nor do any damages. I was forced to shove the ass back to Muar tomorrow. And I am not looking forward to that either. There will be no Internetz access. I will be pronounced as la couch potato. Or the lass that is unbelievably sad enough to do some revisions and reading an object called a book. While the others are enjoying their time burning their skin and wet their shirts. This is what we call fun. A one heck of a joy!

P.S/ I like cute, perky little messages. They cheer me up and adds a smile on my face.



I smile. I mourn.

Apologies for the lack of avid posts. Wait-- my posts were never enthusiastic anyway. Sack that. I am content with smiles every morning even with those panda's eyes-- black and morbid. My Thursdays doesn't really fill with blues. Disregarding the fact that mourning is a very rad habit of mine. Moving on.. the institution is not giving the royal highness the perfect bassinet in class. Plus the teachers usually sends this innocent lass (cough) to her dream world. The God-damn Gov. should grab some beds for the classes. Heh. I bitch too much.

And I have been receiving undeceiving comments lately. Not comments. More like statements which are rather tedious. Shut the fugen up. I beg.


I aint sorry.

I couldn't fugen slouch.

My back aches. My hand aches. My leg aches. My heart aches-- lies. I dragged myself into shot put, discus and high jump. (Again). And I fugenly got picked by the teachers. WTF is fugen? Let's talk about how I can't feel my bones right now. The stupid pole (I blame the pole) was behind my back when it fell. So then, I bashed myself plus the pole on that mat = zeeeee pole nearly broke my freekishly boney bones. Geddit? I don't even understand what I'm shitting about. Cos I am POWFAGGED aka exhausted. And the lebam is ugly as sin.

Thank God the teachers are so God-damn lovely today, no homeworks. Can I hear a "Yeeeeha?!".

Not-so funny jokes.
80 year-old Italian teacher: You like fluorescent colors a lot, yes?
Girl: Yeah, I love them. They're great.
80 year-old Italian teacher: There are also people who love midgets. I know. It's an unfortunate love.


100% Pointless.

I think I'm officially a geek.

Diamonds in the Sky by Jesse Barrera is on repeat. Books scattered across the desk. Left untouched. Aircond on 23 degrees. Wrapped around a tartan fleece. Trying to force self to do some revision. I just couldn't resist the Internetz's bond with me. V_V Cooked fish and chips (more like deformed potato wedges) for lunch. It tasted like Manhattan Fish Market's. Made by yours truly. (Bangga siotzzz). And TINGE is ever so addictive. Curse you flavoured water! I need some Lemonaaaadeeeeeee. Please and thank you!


This is pretty much it.


24 hours had just gone past. Just like that. And left nothing, except another stressful 24 hours ahead. I'll be waiting here. Waiting to finish everything off. And yet, I wanted the time to slow down. I couldn't make up my mind nowadays. I just couldn't.


Dig up a grave.

kooks + bonkers = the above picture.

Ahhhhhhhh. Aku dah bosan. Bosan dengan apa? Bosan dengan hidup akuuuuuu. Tipikal gila kan?

Extra-curriculum bores me. Scouts were never active. Panorama Club? What the bloody hell is that? Something to do with the environment plus photography club? An exquisite name indeed. Asma kept saying pornography instead. Suckers. And softball, y'think I could handle it? Oh yeah, I'm in lontar peluru for the Greens. I would totally ruin it. (Bad lucks are arriving.)

Why on the bloody hell have I been talking to myself lately?!

(Drum rolls)

Kerana aku bosan! YAY!


Douche and Turd

Good Night.

I bet you lot have been dying for some new updates. Or is it just me that's being a wee over the top? Whatevs. I have nothing much going on now. I quit my former job being the high jumper. I'm so into doing nothing. I eat, laugh and sleep. I WISH.

Current routine :-
Wakes up, work, work, eat, rest, homework, homework, extra-curriculum, eat, homework, homework, YM/MSN, blogs, sleep.
(I might have exaggerated a tad bit. It does no harm. Don't worry!)

Am I the greatest bore-er or what?

My muse.


Not a moderate mood at all.

“Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.”
— Horace

I don't enjoy the amount of homeworks I'm receiving everyday from school. 5 per day? What?! That's just uber nonsense. Catching up with all of them is one of the hardest task yet. I sigh. I yawn. I shout regularly nowadays. It seems like I'm stressed. Over what? I have no bloody idea. I typically get bloody pissed over nothing. Sucks being me, ay? (Sigh). My daily schedule is filled with work, work and a numerous amount work. Which isn't fun at all. I get tired easily. Gets all sleepy easily in class.

I think, I need atleast a bar of Cadbury per day. That's all I'm asking for. A cadbury!


Headache strucks mind

First day of school? Because you know mine sucked. Headache on full blast the whole morning till I made a mini cycling Olympic of my own. Warm water freezes early in the morn, so shivers are in the in-list. Darling lappy is out and books and homeworks are in. What a day. I could do some headbanging on the wall right now if it is a must. And thanks to Nani, I was the Co-Bendahari. (sarcasm) Off to bed. It's 1211 and I'll be serious shizzetting shizzety shizzet sleepy in the morn.

Will be continued..


Sleep well tonight

Waking up late is just not my cup of tea. But, I accidentally did not set the alarm. (Maybe I've done it on purpose, heck!)

Tomorrow, I'll be the barney again. Fully dressed in purple, waiting for the school to change the uniform for the PRS (Pemimpin Rakan Sebaya). Because I've been dying in the costume for 2-3 months last year. I wish they just have the God-damn tag for us instead of the eye-catching colour which alerts people from sleep. I'll be a junior once again, after a while enjoying being the senior of afternoon session. I didn't really enjoy it at SMKBRP because it was nothing.

I wonder if some people have changed a lot during the holidays. Because I know that if they did changed a helluva lot, it will seem like we're dealing with a whole new anonymous. But I know that I have changed, maybe a wee bit.

So tomorrow, I'll be in Form 3. Which means PMR is laying ahead of me and I'm waiting to get done with it. I guess, no more daily continuous Internet usage. Which sucks a lot. Because I could hardly live a day without the darling Internet "cos Imma sad and geeky like that yo'!" Nah not really. Exaggerated. But yeah, I won't be online pretty much. I hope.

It's time to return to the books!


The traveling journal

Because you just have to see it to believe it!

Main reason: To be 5 people who share 1 interest. The interest? This journal. Every one of us, we're different. A good sort of different. We have our own beat and we dance to it in our own way. With our differences, we're misfits that fit :D We might be speaking about complications of the heart, the journey of growing up, some fabulous topics (sometimes), being individuals in a sea of clones and any topic we can think of in the future. So here we are: The Traveling Journal. Please like us! We're very likable ;)
Enjoy our journal! Starts on 01/01/09, from Monday to Friday, everyday! (Am I doing some sort of a commercial here?)

The 5 girls: me, Mei, Khadijah, Zara and Esah.

Have fun stalking us every weekdays. And not to forget, I'm on Thursdays!


& HELLO 2009!