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Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009!

The last God-damn post I might be having this year— or maybe, I'll do some irritating spammage after this. Hell yes, love me, will you? Any new year resolutions, you may ask? I have a lot. Je regardez, a lot! And I hope and will grant all of them. Lies. Now you have to love me double time.

I am overjoyed sitting in the cramped room with shizzets lying around. "Your room is a tongkang pecah", as my parents does their metaphoric sentences. Messy lassies, don't you just adore? It's going to be a new God-damn year in a few hours time (More like 23 hours). And I'm going start this whole new year with me— sleeping early because us early birds are cool like that yo’! Another bloody lie. I usually stay up till 4 in the morning during New Year's Eve. And in 2005—I was with my ex-darling Runescape because I’m yuh avvy geek. I’m so proud.

Anybody willing to accompany this pity petite une fille (Pardon my horrid French), whom think she'll be a total sore loser next year if she doesn’t stay up late watching the fireworks on 104? Anybody? Drop a comment if you are interested and willing to. And I know what will happen tonight, everlasting boredom with ma famille. Them, in front of the TV. Me, confronting my boyfie the lappy. My predictions are usually 66.66% true! But, because I am a false psychic that is fully skint at the mo. I'm sorry— I couldn't predict the future for you readers. If you beg, I’ll do 10 quid (£) per predictions. So, I’ll be rich by the end of PMR so I could do some God-damn shopping sprees with mes amis. Pause for some evil laughs.

I’m currently sick. Holiday-sick, if there’s such thing. Tummy aches, they are not making me happy. No perfect New Year, I assumed. None at all.

I’m under the 23 degrees cold air with no duvet, because we-people don’t need no duvet to keep us warm. We got our thick fatty skin to keep em’ all cosy. You got that right!

I’m typing like a lass on 10 pints of non-alchoholic Vodka. (If there were such thing, I would be pleased and amused.)

Time for the shizzets you lot have been waiting for.. (drum rolls)
2009 New Year Resolutions:

1) Time to get the elefante-like ass off the chair and start exercising.
2) A date with the books at least 10 hours per day. I’m losing myself.
3) Aim higher than the planes. Like—yeah. Exams!
4) More greens less chocolates! (I do not bond well with vegs)
5) Sleep early. Cos I’ve been sadly cranky during the holidays. 3 AM+, what do you expect?
6) Be eco-friendly.
7) Stay away from the shops until PMR finishes. Impossible.
8) Burn the laptop. Or, we could just keep it nicely in a treasure chest with the ultimate locks. Sounds better.
9) No more MMORPG. I may die.
10) Not to sound pathetically stupid all the time.
11) Get decent friends, because I have been used too many times. I repeat, too many!
12) Stop wasting my time on useless time wasters.
13) Eat, drink and be merry is not my statement. I would rather, Eat, drink and get drunk with 2 venti-sized Frappucino. Good times. This is not a New Year Resolution.
14) Focus! Focus! Focus! (Hm.. chocolate Galaxy. Out of subject.)
15) Earn myself an iPhone 3G because I could die for them. I suck big time. Thanks.

There's more to come. But, geez. I am feeling lazy. That’s it for now. I’m sleepy. It’s 12:56AM and I am typing these on Microsoft Word because my awesome dad had blocked it at 11:30PM. Don’t you just pity me? I miss my past life.

I can’t wait for 2009. Because I’m going to make this year go round. Impossible, oui? It’s the possible of all impossibles, darling. I am desperate for some reality check.


The ending- School Edition

A recount is the ultimate must for every year since 2004. Either it is written in a diary of mine or keyed-in in a blog somewhere. It is a must. Every year is not the same like the others, they are all special in their own ways.

So— this year had been tad hard for me. It was one of the hardest yet. With the shifting school and home, new friends, new places, new people to cope with, a new baby brother and etcetera. But, it had been a good year. Well, I guess.

I've been missing a lot of things and people in my life. A lot. Including my friends back in SMK Seksyen 5 Wansga Maju, childhood friends and them that I knew back in England. We rarely talk or message or even keep in touch much lately. I mean, everybody is busy with their own life. Including myself.

There's ups and downs and good and bad times in life. Don't we all? I've always hated the fact that I have to move on. Like the time I have to shift school and house at the end of June, I thought everything in a new place wouldn't work out. But, it started fine and still is. I enjoyed my previous life in KL, to tell the truth. I lived there for nearly half of my life, have settled in nicely and made a lot of wonderful friends there. Sometimes life is not like you've wished for. Agree?

I had a lot of good times this year, especially with my mates.

The gang 07-08 (Farah and Hannah are missing.)

I am lucky to have these people what I call friends. And I am proud to know them. Should I list? Nah, it will take up the whole post. So, we'll leave as it is. You guys know who you are. And the events that happened in and out of school made my year. Including those scout's camping trips and trip to Taman Negara, Rompin, it was AWESOME.

Because I love my Khadijah!

And I LOVE ALL MY MATES OUT THERE! and soul mates, if I ever had any.

Then, there were fights. Typical fights. Friends do have them, don't they? Eventually, they'll make up and be best buds again. I had those times. I've experienced a lot this year. Moving school wasn't that easy. Leaving good friends and the memories, it was tremendously hard. Because they are in a part of my life, eventhough if it's 1%, but all of them belong somewhere in me. During the last day, I cried. Because I know that I would not have those days with them again, great days— enjoying our self together at school.

And then, the new school— SMK Bukit Rahman Putra. What should I say? The school is fine, my school friends are fine. It's not that bad nor great.

I suck at describing schools. Don't mind me.


On Monday morning

Early nights, late mornings. I failed on rising early in the morning. Last night, I scavenged all my pre-loved items in the not-so holy wardrobe and passed them on to my little cousins. They were happy, that makes me happy. And they were gone early this morning, went back home, I assumed. Where else? I was half-asleep then.

So, Good morning and happy Monday!


Footing on break.

Cos my driving rocks, yo'!

Cravings are left here.

creds: childhood flames

2.30AM— Drooling over Marni heels. (Note: On the right in the picture above). This baby's replica was found in Nose by the so-called la soeur and she grabbed an orange pair. Which was unbelievably dainty. Time to spend some dough' tonight. And I snatched an electric blue male shirt (L) while shopping for some daily needs, it was one of the cheapest deal yet. I can't wait to alter it! I'll have to wait for my sewing machine to be fixed. Because I am a toughie that nothing electronic could ever handle.


The adventures of the losts

And Happy bloody 14th Birthday, bloody Nina!

A part time lover.

My love for Runescape had perked up. Which means, welcome back Mastah_Evil! Apparently, I'm doing a sin, a huge sin— as I promised not to play it anymore. But, whatevs. I'm just like one of those MMORPG geeks that you see, scattered all around you. And the ones that couldn't get over any games they ever played. Believe me.

It's nearly 1 o'clock in the morning and I'm not asleep. I would rather play Runescape. But the amount of lagg that occurs while playing are just above the Cloud 9. So, that means.. I'm stuck here with my dear friend, le blog and other friends in YM. Note: The Internet had been driving me crazy all night which equals to, I won't be having any good sleep tonight. That's a lie.

I could sleep anytime, anywhere and in whatever condition at all— another bloody lie. I need the most comfiest bed, aircond on 23 degrees Celsius, the softest duvet you could ever get and a clear mind— with nothing wondering about in the mind so that I could sleep. Or the easier way to end all of this is by having those (not-so) supernatural sleeping pills. No, I haven't tried them before. I just need to key-in some more words.


Celebrations here, come on!

Why am I so giddy today? Because of those beauty above! It's a whooping Galaxy, Galaxy Truffle and Malteasers. I haven't had Galaxy for ages! Thanks to my wonderful daddy, I am now happy again! There's 2 boxes of Celebrations in stock now. And this week will be a miraculous week.. until all the chocolate disappear.

With the most obnoxious bloody sister. (How to make Sushi T2)
Credits: Munirah/Nina. Whoever took the picture with the D40.

How To Make Sushi Take 2.


The urge in the beggining

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.

Romeo, save me.


Cos you know we aint yokos!

Darling Munirah, Nina, Kak Atin and Una came over to my crib for a sleepover. But, nothing could beat the old times we had in Manchester. Those times were unrepeatable though. This sleepover was rather boring and tiring because my relatives came and at the same time I had alot, I repeat, alot of things and chores to do. Which sucked the most and left me sobbing. And the sushi video was cancelled, not until one of my Aunty left which left us a vast amount of rice untouched. So, How to make sushi Part 2? Done. Midnight— we had nothing good to do other than watching Catherine Tate's shows and laughing our heads off at the same time. And Una was being lovey dovey with some of the lads in the conference, which she enjoyed. That left Munirah and I hanging in the nowhere land gossiping. Prankcalls? None were done. And the bloody Asma and bloody Nina couldn't stop saying bloody. Which made us bloody pissed off. Too bad, life is too short to be pissed off. & webcam-whoring was God-damn fun.


Is it that innocent?

Baby Muaz!


A mixture of this and that

Radio Amateur Exam, accomplished! There was over 600 people taking the exams in the hall at MaTrade yesterday and I was physically frozen in the hall due to the coldness. And I met a couple of new friends along the way. The exam was not hard nor easy, as usual.

Next story, I've got a baby brother! Pretty much excited, I didn't catch any glimpse of the baby yet. But, will do! 14 years of difference.. This is going to be interesting.

I'm at the medical centre, seeking for some entertainments. Doesn't include watching Zombie Kampung Pisang on 104. The internet is a failure, too slow, you could hardly do anything. What's a medical centre without any Wi-fi? Nothing. And baby Muaz is so adorable!

& Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Izzudin!

The recounts are repeated

3 in the morning, the lads are singing in the conference as if there's nothing to care about. I'm here, lying on the bed restlessly. Trying to think as many reasons on why I shouldn't sing because the lads are begging me to. And sooner or later, I'll be drifting into sleep— slowly. As I pondered on some things I should and could be doing now.. the pair of drowsy eyes suddenly shuts swiftly. A film of exquisite motions appeared in front of me and a recount that I had done in primary school was heard in the background. A vast amount of the motions are nothing more than my previous life. It was too gratifying to be true.


Route to failure

Nervous system is losing itself. Maybe because of the Radio Amateur Exam tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! And I'm not 100% ready which makes me.. not ready at all. Great, no? Time for world domination! - I am this bored.

& Hotmail hates me. It cleared all my previous loved emails from my old account :-( And I was looking forward to read some mails from my teachers back in England. Damn you!


Genius and the thieves

A song that doesn't require words to explain it all. This song touches me so deeply— hear it and you'll feel it. Enjoy.

& Happy Birthday o' dear Nani.


Ignorance is a bliss

I haven't keep in update with Skins Season 2 for ages man. Just took a few glances on Episode 8.. Jal's pregnancy is getting closer to the second trimester and she has some serious decisions to make. She also has an important audition approaching, but will she be prepared for it? Chris wants Jal to move in with him, but what has Jal got to say on the matter? Meanwhile, the rest of the gang have their hands full enough with A-Level exams less than a week away, and with study leave removed, things are looking bleaker than ever. Cassie is getting weirder everyday and Maxxie is just too hot to handle. And why does he has to be gay since the beggining? (a humongous sigh)

Today is not fun at all. Little cousins are rummaging through my belongings and pretty much being themselves— annoying. But then, last night was a blast. Me— messing around and acting like a whore with the webcam, I was gobsmacked! And I need Munirah desperately! Bad news:- life is getting worse and worse after each night full of other people's misunderstandings. Why at night? Can't a girl have her peaceful beauty sleep?


You spin me right round, baby.

A day just like any other day. The view of the outside is gloomy, dark and seems like it's full of hatred. This is not an update-worthy. Cos I feel sick. Sick of being at home all day long, just not my luck. Waiting for Keane's latest album to finish loading, Perfect Symmetry: is just making it all worst. Two or plus God-damn days for an album? That's too much. But then, I will wait no matter what! I'm a sucker for Keane! Oh and I can't stop singing Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round. And I'm fracturing my funny bone. Laugh with me people!


A dashing oxymoron

The rain is pouring outside the translucent window, covered in dust and unwanted organisms. A glance of the weather outside would not erase my frown and reversibly change my lips. I had once fell in love with the rain, it made me happy. I felt ever so elegant in the rain and I could be in the rain until I drop dead. Soaked hair, soaked shirt, soaked jeans, the enjoyments of being in the rain. The warmth inside my body escapes as the cold enters. Standing still. Alone. I had never felt alone while I was in the rain. The rain accompanies me, such a lovely friend it is. But, in the end the rain will return a negative feedback:- The fever. Yes, fever. Which I loathe a lot. Well, every positives has it negatives? Correct me if I'm wrong.


O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Episode 13 was a great clash. A funeral, then a wedding a day after? And yes! Bart's dead. Time for Lily and Rufus! But, poor Serena and Dan, they couldn't claim back each other's heart. Plus the disturbance from Eric totally ruins it all. With the return of Serena's grandmother and the change of heart in Chuck, I was traumatised and 'awwww'ed too much. I was amazed by the au courant Blair's heart. One of the plotline swirling around in this episode is the Lily-Rufus-Dan-Serena "I like you but our parents like each other" complication that made the head spin. And then there's the wedding that was a day after Bart's funeral. Oh and then there's the big old Lily secret that threatens to tear the world apart!

Some from Blair and Chuck:-

Poor blair! After she tells him powerful things like "We're Chuck and Blair!" he spits back, "We talked about this. You are not my girlfriend." Chuck was pretty much harsh then.

A note that you never wished for. Chuck's note to Blair. "I'm sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don't come looking for me. —Chuck"



Honey I'm home! Yes, home sweet home! I miss my bed. The bed is what I miss the most. It is one of the most sacred item in the room plus the darling laptop which I carry almost everywhere I go that usually takes up more than 2 days (due to the sickness of not using the Internet for more than 2 days). And carrying on.. I'm currently hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. I eat too much nowadays, I mean too much! See the bold too? It means it's too-too much. And I haven't been exercising for how many days? (Counts.. over xx days) I've gained weight, and I will keep on frowning every single time la mere (darling mother) keeps nagging about the fact that I'm fat and how much I eat and that I need to stop eating. Okay enough. I don't really give a damn about my weight. It's just that, I obviously have nothing to talk about! (Please key-in:- Shut up!)

I want new books. New books, I crave for! And I'm feeling tad stupid now. Must be those toast + butter + jam. So much calories. A huge LOL for that.

Oh awful

Currently on the way back to the crib all the way from Muar, Johor. And currently in a state of boredom and dizzy. The head is not used to looking at sentences and words while in a car that is in motion. Some notes about my Raya yesterday:- a) Pretty much sucked. I slept 4 hours during daytime. b) There's nothing much to do except from reading Peaches and watching sad movies on TV (note: no Astro!) c) The Raya spirits are no longer floating in the air. c) The internet connection was God-damn it slow. Believe me. Really slow. d) I dislike cows. I'm not a meat eater. And I loathe the stench. e) My little cousins are annoying and pissed me off all the way! And my little brother doesn't want to go back home. How great is that. Currently blogging in the car. So, pretty much having some headache and such. Cya!



I'll be away for a few days due to Raya Haji. So, a Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all! And I'll be in Muar, Johor for a few days.

To Khadijah:- Holla me if you'll be in Muar!



I wanted more.

I'm indeed out of ideas. The brain is corrupted due to the amount of hours infront of the screen. This holiday is the worst holiday I ever had in a few years. And I am pretty much locked up in the house with nowhere to go. Which is so not-so good. But thank God I have my darling laptop by my side and the darling bed to entertain me. My life sucks, heh? God damn it. Luckily, my parents gave me the permission to run off to Wangsa Maju this evening. Aisyah is coming back to town! I'm pretty much happy with that. And tonight, I'm going to catch some movies. Haven't pretty much decided yet what to watch, we'll see! :-) Anybody wants to join? I do need some company.


A meditation

"Writing requires having something to say. Reading requires a capacity for understanding. Otherwise words are mere markings on a page. Every great writer understands the need for a great reader."
The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose

— continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.


What the?

Hilarious, no?


I've longed for perfection, no less.

Current reads :-

A perfect book + The comfiest bed ever = Love!

Synopsis: Harriet Rose, like any other teenager, is naive, overconfident and has always felt she has something important to say. However, unlike most of her peers, her hero is Marcus Aurelius, in imitation of whom she has been composing philosophical reflections on life for some time. When Harriet’s father dies, the urge to write these meditations is greater than ever. Then, on her fourteenth birthday, she receives a unique gift. Her doting mother and grandmother have had her by-now-substantial collection of meditations published. Having appointed themselves roles — Mother: publicist; Nana: sales rep; Harriet: esteemed author — they vow to get the book into the hands of a wide readership. Once this formidable team gets into gear, there’s no holding back, and Harriet is hurled into a lifestyle that not even she, in all her infinite wisdom, could have been prepared for. Bookshop orders soon stack up, and Harriet is plunged into a whirlwind of launch parties, newspaper coverage and television appearances. But is all this attention exactly what she thinks? And, more importantly, can her happiness — or her naivete - last?

This was a delightful read - light and uplifting with touches of humour. It’s an unusual book and Harriet is a wonderful anti-hero; even during her arrogant and misguided moments you find yourself completely onside willing her to overcome the various obstacles she faces. I defy anyone not to have a favourite Harriet Rose meditation by the end of the book.

There are some who brush against your life
With the gentle touch of an angel's wing
Never knowing how much joy
That touch can bring
Your paths may never cross
You will not know them
But in their hearts
They'll hear a young girl sing


A wonderful dreamer

Prepare to be envy :-

Oh how I wish I was her. Who doesn't?


So skeptical

   /ˈdʒɛləsi/ [jel-uh-see]
–noun, plural -ous⋅ies.
1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.
2. mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims.
3. vigilance in maintaining or guarding something.
4. a jealous feeling, disposition, state, or mood.

In other words, a person's fears and anxieties around attention that they perceive is being given to or by someone else who is important to them. True, no? I claim to have been jealous of something or somebody in my life. Well, everybody do get jealous now and then. But then sometimes jealousy will actually ruin somebody's feelings whatsoever and it will form some type of conflicts throughout your friendship and such. I usually receive these type of jealousy from close friends and the people that are surrounding me. But, I don't really mind that much now. And I'd learn to take it easy, ignore and deal with it or just find another way around it. A wee bit typical, yes?

P.S/ This post is not dedicated to anybody at all. So, whatevs.


Gedik 12

The hottest post for today :- Twilight! My friends and I escaped the house for Twilight today and overall, the movie was fine. But, nothing could beat the ol' book. Could it. It was an all day outing from noon till night due to the traffic jam and heavy rain. So yeah, I had fun. And, I'm pretty much skint now.


some rhetorical questions

Nothing to blog. Then, why blog?

I've waited for 3 hours now, for The Clique to load. And guess what, it had only loaded 14 minutes. Jolly good. I've wasted my time a lot today. I repeat, a lot!



When the animal attacks the bookcase:-

Too cute to resist, no?

free cherries

things you say are magic
and i love when you are being poetic
you are funny and foolish
but of course, never once ghoulish
i adore the way you adore me
and how you sing your do re mi
in my dreams, you are free,
running around endlessly, under a cherry tree
someday you'll be even more charming
and to be asked to forget you would be the hardest thing
so i guess, i'll stick to remembering
you and all your other upbringing


Roar or Meaow?

Mr. Spotty seems to adore hanging on the bookshelf and spying on what Aisyah is doing. (gasp!) I was rummaging through all of the unopened boxes outside my bomb shell and found this little guy which I'd bought in Manchester a few years ago. And found a shoe box full of sticky notes (no idea where those came from), must be Mummy's.


Silent remains

Death Cab For Cutie - Styrofoam Plates

Still loving this since 2002.

There's a saltwater film on the jar of your ashes; I threw them to the sea,
but a gust blew them backwards and the sting in my eyes
that you then inflicted was par for the course just as when you were living.
It's no stretch to say you were not quite a father
but the donor of seeds to a poor, single mother that would raise us alone.
We never saw the money that went down your throat
through the hole in your belly.

Thirteen years old in the suburbs of Denver,
standing in line for Thanksgiving dinner at the Catholic church.
The servers wore crosses to shield from the sufferance plaguing the others.
Styrofoam plates, cafeteria tables,
charity reeks of cheap wine and pity and I'm thinking of you,
I do every year when we count all our blessings
and wonder what we're doing here.

You're a disgrace to the concept of family.
The priest won't divulge that fact in his homily
and I'll stand up and scream if the mourning remain quiet,
you can deck out a lie in a suit.
But I won't buy it.
I won't join the procession that's speaking their piece,
using five dollar words while praising his integrity.
Just 'cause he's gone, it doesn't change that fact:
he was bastard in life, thus a bastard in death yeah.

Bury the hatchet

I had a riot with Munirah and Nina last night at their crib. We was berlesquing and was on a crack. Serious shit. It was side-splitting. I could hardly stop laughing. Gossips were entirely in and were there during our conversation from beginning till end plus those unforgotten memories and just some others to laugh at.

Nina: Stop being such a bozo!




My parents dragged me to The Curve last night. I took an advantage on buying some holiday survival items for self, which are obviously books from Borders. So, a wish granted. Took home :- Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson, Eragon by Christopher Paolini, New Moon by Stephanie Meyer and My lost and found life by Melodie Bowsher. Now, time to set in motion!

Maybe I was a wee bit out of date on buying Eragon and New Moon. I just needed something to add to my book collection in the room and for surviving the tedious break, although I've read them online.


Green Grass Of Tunnel

Múm - Green Grass Of Tunnel

Down from my ceiling
Drips great noise
It drips on my head through a hole in the roof

Behind these two hills here
There's a pool

And when I'm swimming in
Through a tunnel
I shut my eyes

Inside the cabin I make sounds
In through the tubes I send this noise

Behind these two hills here
Fall asleep
And when I float in green grass of tunnel
It flows back

Down from my ceiling
Drips great noise

It drips on my head through a hole in the roof

Behind these two hills here
There's a pool
And when I'm swimming in
Through a tunnel
I shut my eyes.

An excellent and a stunning piece.

my so-called bro is so cool.

Corrections. More like gedik and bajet gila nak mati. True, no? Joke. He's actually really really really kind? (sah you tengah kembang gila bila baca benda ni). This actually guy hears a lot of my blabs everyday, yes everyday. Kalau tak dengar, tak sah, kan kan? I create a lot of problems, and he's like the solving machine. He is what they call, the clever clog. This little git is really good at playing guitar, I mean seriously good. I enjoy forcing him to play sometimes. And I have no idea macam mana he copes talking with me everyday because I get tired of myself sometimes. You're the best, bro! (Coughs)



The little chirpers

Don't chu just love the love birds above? :-)

My cousins and Grandma came over on Tuesday. So, havoc in the house, as usual. And we took the whole lot to Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It was utterly fun, with the little cousie running around hyperactive-like and me chasing the little cousie for the whole time. I haven't been out with my little cousies for ages, so yeah, I'd pretty much enjoyed it. Especially the part where we all ran after the birds and messing about. Plus the eating-ice-cream part! I can still smell it! Kidding. After all that, we had nasi briyani for lunch, so I was completely bloated for the whole day. And straight headed for the bed after that for a few hours after I reached home. Oh, it is love!

Munirah and Nina and Kak Atin are coming over today! Well, hopefully. Ready for How to Make Sushi Take 2?


Big brova?

I like pretty flowers in my blog! Okay. Just random spills for today. I felt like blogging for no reason. Well, maybe there was a reason (because of the so-called bro). But then, I would just crap all the way anyway. (Grins) I'm currently waiting for Maddy to get me those God-damn dresses that she showed to me the other day. Opaque- yet, lovely! And, I can't really wait for this Thursday, my girls, Munirah and Nina are coming over for a sleepover. Which will be the 2nd sleepover in Malaysia, or 3rd. They are the ones that keeps me hyped up early in the morning with those serious shit funny jokes. Including the remake (parody) of Jade and Shilpa Poppadom's cat fight in Big Brother 2007. Good memories. And the video of How to make sushi is just the classic, innit? So, we'll be making a Take 2 for that! Oh yes. I'm indeed is getting all psyched because I haven't been anywhere at all. Excluding my mum's birthday dinner at One Utama. I just need some time to enjoy and have fun will all my beloved. Hopefully that will happen on the 27th. Pretty much looking forward to it! ;-)

& the lad is so sweeeeeeeeeet.



That doesn't matter nomore.

Another Cadbury Hazelnut for today! (ZOMG) I bet you're thinking something like, no wonder this girl is getting fatter each day. Whatevs. No new news. Just that.. Twilight is in 11 days! You got that? 11 freaking days!