That one girl.

And so, there was once a girl, so disoriented and helpless, still- (after a long resignation and endless self-promises) allowing people to just thrash her around relentlessly. There was once a girl, merely an adult, still- (after all those false hopes, broken promises and crushed dreams) has her heart firmly intact inside her body. There was once a girl, so weak, mentally and physically, still- (after being heartbroken countless of times and uncounted days of tears streaming down her cheeks) has not yet learnt her lesson and still believing the same old fable that everything will work out the way it was originally planned. There was once a girl, the same old one, despite everything she has been through, is still here. Alive. Trying to make everyday worth living by having strong faith in herself. Chanting 'patience is a virtue' to sleep every single time she feels like giving up because it is undeniably true. In the end, realizing that there is nobody else, except from Allah that may ease all the pain stacking up consecutively inside her. Nobody else, except from Allah that will place her in a position where she feels safe and conscientious with every single one of her actions.