Out of nowhere, they appeared.

Felt like I've been neglecting this deary of mine.

Weekdays = schooling days have been partly disastrous. Teachers shoving test papers with red pens all over, under my nose. What's not to love? But then again, good news! My baby Macbook has arrived safely.. and I feel so flippin' giddy right now and I've gone clueless again.



Willow trees of hope.

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I wonder how its like. To swim in the glittery ocean. On an orca whale's back.

Now, I feel like eating some jellybeans.


Better than nothing, right?

Exquisite date with the laptop, it can't be anymore mind-twisting. Well that's because I am an inch close to the end of my time.

I still can't handle the giddiness within me. Macbook, please come to mummy ASAP!

I have an eating disorder. 4 spoonful of rice during dinner. A bowl of cereal at 2AM.

I'm in dire need of Cadbury. Cadbury, I miss you baby. :-(

And I think.. I've gone nuts.

Better get them almonds and walnuts off me.

K, lotsa love!


Misplaced atoms.

Loads of shizz to splurge. I shall keep it nice and short.

First thing first, debate competition at KDU was a so-so. Aint that great nor that bad. I'll give it a 7/10. Minus the fact that BRP (B) didn't win the first 4 rounds. Can't be assed to elaborate on that. On the 3rd day, I ditched the debate for ice-skating at Sunway P with my precious mateys. 5 of them already left me stranded in BRP and 1 of them will be doing so. Seems like I'll be having a black mark on me forehead saying 'LONER' starting from Monday, next week. So in return, we just HAVE to have a day out-- all of us in a clan, like in the old days. Had a totally rad time and met up with some other friends. Lunch at Sushi King, miraculous. Them endless minutes eating sushi, I cherish. 'Cos I have been yearning for it ever since the last time I stepped my foot inside that damn restaurant. I bet I sound like some freak that is high on coke. Sack that. Left Sunway P early because I had to head off to Muar, stayed there for a night and here I am. Back at home in solid pieces.

PS/ Apologies for the shitty images. You can blame the phone.


Till now, I seek.

Freedom is mine! (Semi-)

A blood red mark of the letter F up my sleeves for Additional Mathematics. Aint expecting more, but then if the outcome is more than I've expected, we'll thank God for that. And the exam schedule is pretty clean, Add Maths right before recess. If not.. an immortal zombie will be scorching around to find the sexiest victim alive.. (Mirages of Henry the 8th appears, I kid!) I'll be slicing myself into 17 bloody parts as the clock strike 8AM tomorrow. Hours of boredom in the cell with kids roaming around as if they were searching for those discrete sugary-things everywhere plus the horrifying mock debates.. I definitely have to let my brain run wild.

And SHIT. My bed has been whispering my name and trying to seduce me ever since 10PM. K, till next time lovies! Gotta have some fun now-- dreaming.

& For those who is gonna encounter the (insert a word) day of their life tomorrow, lotsa' luck and love!


Horrid days,
Horrid hours,
Horrid minutes,
Horrid seconds.

Give me a rest.

+ Debate at KDU on Friday, anybody going?


Cos it's 5th March.

Fridays are always a bliss, but darling, it aint today. I was dragged into long jump early in the morn, the aftermaths? 2nd place, which stamped a sad emoticon on my face as I kicked my way through the thorny fields. As a result, 2 silvers in hand at the mo and I'm wanting MOAAAR. Irresistible plastic medals. What had gone into me weak head?



A killer day ahead. 4 x 400m & 4 x 100m, y'think these extra baggage can endure it? Ja? Nein? .. Ich weiƟ nicht.

& I have a serious addiction towards Train - Soul Sister. Es war nicht mein Fehler. I swear.

Now, I need help with my Deutsch.

My blog is transforming into a somewhat.. I don't know. Not a blog?


Jokes and blokes.

Today is 1st of March.

So yeah, it's 1st of March.

It's the God-damn 1st of March.

So, it's Hiqmal's birthday.

So what? Lol jk.

Happy 16th Birthday Hiqmal Haiqal! May you grow older and taller :-D No wait, please stop growing. Hahaha.

I had one of the best debate sessions before. Motion: THBT condoms should be used for all ages. & Unfortunately, I was on the Government's team. Hilarious thing ever. I sounded like I was practically choking to death.

+ Exam is just round the corner and I aint prepared whatsoever. (Sets up and decorates the death bed & sings 'Eisley - I Wasn't Prepared')