The Dark Volume.



A-wha? Your birthday?

At 12am. I sang the birthday song for myself while being quarantined in the Utility Room due to the students that have discipline problems. Trapped there for an hour listening to the LDP's nags. I didn't mind that. Really, I didn't.

Today was epic. EPIC-LY BORING. I swear to God, I'd rather be back at home, doing nothing rather than being here. Birthdays are supposed to be special innit? Unfortunately, I'm the 'new and unknown' lass in town and nobody gives a damn 'bout the new girl. Now, I'm gonna bitch about how disgraceful I feel right this second. Wait, nah. Nevermind. But then again, thanks to my wondrous classmates and everybody who wished me, may Allah bless you guys.

Today was just like the other ordinary day, like yesterday and it will be the same as tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on.. A typical day. But here I am sitting in front of the computer in the library that blocks Facebook access thoroughly. (Insert truly disgusted faces here) Nevermind. I'll be back on the 15th. And I've been counting down days since I got here. That.. desperate.

Anyways, I can't blog too much. I have a mountain of homework to be done and over with and it dues tomorrow. Yay for Aisyah! Tonight is gonna be a killer night for sure. Do text me. (Insert a vast amount of winks.)

Thanks to everybody who wished me! Thanks a gazillion. Your wishes lighted up one of the darkest day of my life.

Lotsa' love, Aisyah.