Just Things.

31st already? Been caught red-handed w/ shit loads of clothes and whatnots lying on the bedroom floor. It was those must-bring things to be packed for tomorrow. I aint doing another non post-worthy recount like the previous years because possibly it will be kept unread for the whole year. What's the whole bloody point anyways?

Happy New Year everybody! Another fresh kick-off, shall we?


Something New, Oui?

New blog header! Featuring: THE JAMMIE DODGERRRRRRS!

Which I totally love love love since forever.

An Aroused Fangirl.

An immense amount of daily Korean drama + movie intakes have led me to the world of sobbing and cheery fangirls. Which is a tad scary, yet so irresistible. Which is no where near being the real me. I tend to be caught up by those likkle adowable + (Insert a few more synonyms here) + w/ a hint of hunky features them Korean lads own. Okay, hands-tied.

But.. Just let me..

Joo Ji Hoon from The Naked Kitchen & Jang Geun Suk from Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.


My Manchunian Gangstuhz.

Crappy picture quality, yes, I know.


I'd love to blog but I have 7 minutes left till.. it's over. Ok BRB.


Endless Fuzziness.

Weary Wednesday.

I aint sad or anything, I swear. Weary Wednesday just sound ever so good like scrumptious melted chocolate fudge cake with creamy Vanilla ice cream on top and thick Hershey topping to top it all off. I'm fantasizing all over again, this time, about food.

Have it ever occur to you that you've been yearning for somebody warm and cuddly to sit and talk with. And then when you've finally found them, they tend to chase after the exit and leave you stranded, alone. Or am I the only chosen one?

+ Black Swan is a must-watch! Even though it creeps me out a lil'.


'Cos I can't be arsed and I'm lazy like that.


Things Are Happening.

Off to Muar tomorrow morn. Heading to Singapore on Monday.
Dreading to spend some notes adequately at Bershka!

Hope you read this Pa, kthxbai.


Both Collide So Perfectly.

Everything tends to be malfunctioning. Them plans that we have made are all crossed out in red. Patience is just the answer to everything.

In the real world. Tons of grins and laughter filled the meet up at McDonald with my mates on Tuesday. Love them to pixels, each and everyone of them. Even though throughout the years, we had a lot of mild bumps and complication here and there. In the end, we somehow seem to sync back again with zeal.


Them Tunes.

Narmi! Check him out ;-)


The Transient Beauty of Youth.

A beautiful Saturday morning. How I wish the tar outside, worn out roofs, trees and newly-cut grasses to be all lush, covered with thick snow. I bet all of you are waiting with your rounder's bat at the mo. Shall we sack it? We shall. I've been neglecting this little spillage blog of mine transiently due to the numerous amount of tenacious action going on in life. Action? In life? Lies. The undeniable laziness in me had somehow escaped its bars and is causing a tantrum lately. That explains that. Nothing rad is happening in life, been going back and forth from Bukit Rahman Putra to Wangsa Maju for a breather and just to revive the old daily schedule at Mak Zam's. Some say I'm a wee bit phlegmatic as I flew back home (ninja-style!) after a long period of being imprisoned in Langkawi. Some say I've transformed wholly into a different being that contradicts with the old self. I've been confined in Langkawi for a while, 5 aggravating months to be precise, different environment, facing various people all over the peninsula, stuffing my already-packed head with assorted knowledge that are useful yet may be useless, the daily schedule consists of me having a packet of Oreos in hand and finishing it in an hour while stamping those fluorescent Post-it notes on the holy History non-fiction. See. My life had changed entirely. Thus the old lass tries to adapt to the whole new life. Hence, she changes by its own nature. So please, I beg. Quit whining and whimpering about the current me.


Lately, nothing good.


Quirky Finds.

Opening today next to and in Philadelphia's Schuylkill River (between Market Street and Chestnut Street) is Light Drift by Eric Höweler and J. Meejin Yoon's MY Studio. According to the city's Mural Arts Program, "Light Drift creates an atmosphere, a field of lights that transform in color and intensity based on the public interaction with it."


The orbs on land are cushion-like seats that respond to the presence of people. When occupied, signals are sent via RFID tags to the floating orbs which then pulse between green and blue.

Parametric 3d Human Model

The "resting state" for the orbs is an alien-like green (below). As the top rendering shows, the land orbs signal to their floating companions diagonally, so when more than one person engages the different seats the effect is a criss-cross; the more people the merrier.


To quote Mural Arts again, "The individual elements are vacuum formed translucent shells molded from PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol). PETG is a non-toxic and fully recyclable material that is milky in color, easy to mold, and acts as a diffusing element for the lighting inside. The electronics consist of custom micro controllers and RFID (radio frequency identification) transmitters, allowing each orb in the field to be addressable, and specifically controlled by transmitters on the land. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting allows the orbs to glow and change colors."


The installation will be on exhibition until Sunday, coinciding with the end of
Design Philadelphia. "After Light Drift is de-installed, the project may be reinstalled at a second venue in Boston, on the Charles River. When the project is finished, the PETG materials will be recycled." Check out Eric Höweler's flickr set on the project for many more photos of the installation and its assembly.


[Via: Archidose]


Everything Is Average Nowadays.

Gay faces, ya I know. + EYEBAAAAAGS.

Webcam-whoring while trying on the jubah/abaya I just bought in the afternoon for Umrah next month. People, oui, this is the real Aisyah. All sized up. Hah.

Started my day with ma mere's marvelous noodles which I haven't had for ages, so yes, it was totally delicious. And made my way to Nina's house all the way in Rawang to catch up on the latest gossips (gossips ke?), our whole conversation started with the typical Sup, hows your life in boarding school. And it lasted for an hour or so. As per usual, we talked non-stop. Especially when Asma, the sista is around. Then off to Shah Alam to scavenge for some Umrah apparels and yes, lunch at Noodle Station wasn't that bad. I felt a wee bit weird when my drink arrived looking like some yellow dye that had been dropped purposely inside some drink. But, it was good. Like seriously good. I literally drop dead in the car after a few minutes settling my glutenous maximus. The end of today.

I just think everything is pointless nowadays. Help me revive myself, please?


Whatever You Like.

I'm having one of those days where I would re-read my old posts in the previous years. I miss the old days. Those days, I cherish the most.


Life, as we know it.

The shoutings and sobbing was worth it, look ma! Best director! Thank you 404. Merci beacoup! ♥

I must say, I do love MJSC Langkawi.


From the otha side.

HA-HA! Tumblr.


Boredom conquers me, again.

The old memories couldn't be erased. At all. I swear. And I'm starting to miss everything again.
It's making me mouth out 'send me back to Langkawi'.

Sigh. Double sigh.

My daily schedule is totally jumbled up and tied in a knot. Seriously. Nevermind. I'm gonna try to have the time of my life while it lasts! Campfire this evening with the scouts and I can't wait. Gonna see my pretty Khadijah again with a few surprises. What else eh? Add Maths.. Chemistry homework awaits. I can mount them up on the table for now. Bedroom needs a lot, je regardez a lot of cleaning to do. Gotta stop being an anti-social and super glue my eyes on the Macbook's screen. Some exercising to be done as well with Hakim. Every morning at 7? No hope darling, no hope. Sadly, I can't wear any trainers or any shoes right now. The toe is being excruciatingly painful. I am bored. You could tell.


Listen Missy.

Syok sendiri, can meh?

Gained extra extra extra kilos. Proof, them cheeks. Dewan Selera's cooking treated me fairly well after Raya. The aftermaths? THIS. And the bulky bag filled with food, that as well.

I have no idea why I'm posting such thing.

Okbai. I miss you gaiz.


Hey honey, Aisyah is back!


Another goodbye.

The weekend at home had been rad. Marvelous food 24/7. Dear Macbook right in front of my eyes. And the comfy bed behind. Everything I need is here. Sadly, it's time to bid another 'Au Revoir' this evening. Life.. is.. unfair. Final semester exam in a week time. I aint prepared. But I have to be prepared. Okay, I should do less talking to myself. Anyways, I'll be back on the 12th November. Do miss me.

xoxo Aisyah.



Things are just fine. Not great though, just fine.

I can still cope with things around here, still breathing perfectly.

I tend to be overdosed by homework that leads me to late nights.

I can wait.. 3 more days. That's it. 3 more days.


Been keeping my evenings busy with basketball, joining in games unconditionally (sebab macam tak tahu malu langsung) and then just to keep fit. Yeah right. Totally gained a few obvious kilos. But surprisingly lost one during the exam week, I was dreadfully sick then. Camped inside the sick bay the whole week, it was totally horrid. I swear to God. But yeah, that made me lose a kilo. And that's a good thing :-)

Now I have to direct a part of Gulp & Gasp..

The only thing I'm missing are the actors..

And the play is supposed to be presented tonight..

I love you gaiz. (Note: SARCASM)


400th post, babyyyy!

Got my hands on this lovely in bloody red:

I'll be coming home for you this Thursday! LOL.
Cya guys ;-)


Of sore throat and goodbyes.

State of the Union.

i) Terrible sore throat is conquering me. + bad coughs.
ii) Super rad time out with my mates in BRP, love you guys a gazillion xx
iii) Will be flying back to Langkawi at 12' sharp. Nobody likes that.
iv) Say bye-bye to my comfy bed and MB.
v) Okay, goodbye everyone.

I'll be back soon, prolly in mid October. xx


Oh mon dieu!

Dumbfounded by the society of ch131. Been clinging on to the Macbook ever since 8 p.m. watching Gossip Girl & 90210 that I've been dreading for ever since I left my room for a quite sometime. Nothing productive in the end after all.

90210: Senior year of high school, everything ought to be the way it is. On the contrary, bad luck is back haunting the town. It was purely content with make-ups, new love, ditching loved ones, new British lad on the block, a falling family, Mr. Cannon-raping-Naomi, tragedies– way too many, Teddy ended up having an injured leg whereas Javier has finally hit the grave due to an amusing car crash! Not that I wanted him to die or anything.. But he was trying to ruin Adrianna's and Navid's future. So, good for him.

Gossip Girl: Blair didn't get whatever she wanted in Paris. She failed on her date with the Monaco Prince Charming, she is pathetically stupid. Whereas Serena has a secured place in Columbia. Dan surprisingly came home with a child in his arm, a child with the bitchtress Georgina. Nate has gone completely out of his mind until he met Juliet.. Chuck should be dead but he is not. Lucky for him, he found himself a European girlfriend that saved his life– saved?

Recap rating, I'm sure it's a 1.1.

Now, the books or the bed? Mhm. This is hard.


Fireworks blasting, are you listening?

The Macbook is 64 degrees, what about the room temp? Go figure.

I'm under the influence of the heat in Muar. High temperatures usually lead me to the airconditioned room, you'll see me snoring away on the bed. (That doesn't mean I actually do snore -wink-) Lets see what I've accomplished cooking/doing this morning. Iron all the kurungs and baju melayu? Check. Kuah kacang and daging masak kicap and ketupat? Check. Clean up the house? Check. Revisions for the upcoming exams? Say wha? (Dramatic pause) I actually tried completing Add Maths homework, but y'know what? Watching malay series on TV and reading Sejarah textbook is a gazillion times better. It leads me to the world of confused/stupid rather than the world of whizzed up cleverclogs. Sack that.

Tomorrow is Raya. And I should be happy and singing some Raya songs right this second, yes? No. I still don't have those typical 'YAYYYYY ESOK RAYA WEH. JOM HABISKAN SEMUA MERCUN MALAM NI. EH JAP, MERIAM BULUHHH! NO, MERDEKAAA!' vibes in me.. yet. Somehow, somewhere, I just hope those feelings would just teleport from some happy lass on the other side of the world. Or maybe not. That'll be pretty evil of me. Despite the fact that the internet is slower than a cow's brain which consists of.. neurons that malfunction, I am sweating merrily under the speeding fan above me head. Gotta stop whining, more working.

I'm gonna end the post with the typical;


Enjoy your Raya to the fullest because you'll never know, this might be the last you'll venture. Only God knows.

Awful wish? I know. Let me try be all poetic..
And ruin the magic of poetry.
Uh, probably not.

P/S I'm in Muar right now, whoever is nearby text me and we can go beraya together.. collecting duit raya together.. enjoy the fatty feast together.. drink together.. gain extra kg together.. Okay, I will now tie my hands and enjoy the rad TV shows on the TV. Like le duh.

Till then, Aisyah loves you. Take care. Don't come running to me handless, footless, fingerless, headless, cos for sure, I'll be grinning all the way through. Lol joke. In other words, JANGAN SYOK SANGAT MAIN MERCUN SAMPAI LUPA DUNIA DAN HILANG APAKEBENDE YANG AKAN HILANG. Okay?



Pull the trigger, up to you.



You may say that I'm a dreamer.

Merde happens when you have nothing else to worry about (excluding: upcoming exams, untouched homework piles, messy but nifty bedroom, Raya.. and the list continues) The long hours of strolling in Sunway Pyramid yesterday, all I came home with was a checkered shirt dress and black pants from Springfield. Yes! Yes? Yes.. + The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern to cure the boredom that is waiting for me in MJSC L G K. Still dying for that faded pants from MNG. (Insert the puppy-eyes here)

Rants, daily scheds, random sketches and doodles, homeworks.. Where they are written.

+ Yuna.


If you were there, beware.

+ extra baggage.

Home, is where I longed to be and here I am, home. Wasting my precious minutes on my darling Macbook that had been abandoned for a couple of weeks. Procrastinating to the max, heaps of homework shoved a side for the time being.. Yes, I'm in that state at the mo. The last day consisted of the sleepy sloth nodding her way through History, completing some bits and bobs to decrease the sleepless nights that is gonna haunt me (fo' sho) and constantly eyeing the rip-off clock on the class wall. Left the building at 1 p.m. and headed for the chocolate heaven. Heaven I tell you, heaven. Wait, no. Nothing can be heaven like Thorntons.. This is the cue for me to salivate.. Fasting month has been so-so. I'm still sitting firmly on the chair, alive and.. amusingly accumulated a few kg of fat sacks during 'berbuka puasa'. Daily intakes of caramel pudding, murtabak, roti planta during prep surely did help. Undiscovered fact explained.


Plane rides and goodbyes.

Brother + I, camwhoring on the plane.

Weeks passed tremendously quick. Last week consists of.. the uncountable amounts of peer pressure and headaches due to the exams. Being the odd one as per usual, I was-- overly stressed, while the others were chilling out. I might as well lock myself inside the locker for the whole week. Sadly its forbidden and I'm a goody that doesn't break the rules. (heh?) Pulang Bermalam brought the hype back on though. I've been smiling continuously ever since I landed in LCCT and guess what, I'll be frowning as I set my foot on the plane today. And I have no idea what I'm crappin' about right now. Pkajaklhgfkldahgoahgdagkldjalga.

Flight @ 410PM. + Me no likeyyyyyy :-( I'll be back next month for Raya. That's like a month away. So now, I'm gonna mourn all day long. Till then!


[ps/ Happy Fasting! It's time for my dieting!]


The Dark Volume.



A-wha? Your birthday?

At 12am. I sang the birthday song for myself while being quarantined in the Utility Room due to the students that have discipline problems. Trapped there for an hour listening to the LDP's nags. I didn't mind that. Really, I didn't.

Today was epic. EPIC-LY BORING. I swear to God, I'd rather be back at home, doing nothing rather than being here. Birthdays are supposed to be special innit? Unfortunately, I'm the 'new and unknown' lass in town and nobody gives a damn 'bout the new girl. Now, I'm gonna bitch about how disgraceful I feel right this second. Wait, nah. Nevermind. But then again, thanks to my wondrous classmates and everybody who wished me, may Allah bless you guys.

Today was just like the other ordinary day, like yesterday and it will be the same as tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on.. A typical day. But here I am sitting in front of the computer in the library that blocks Facebook access thoroughly. (Insert truly disgusted faces here) Nevermind. I'll be back on the 15th. And I've been counting down days since I got here. That.. desperate.

Anyways, I can't blog too much. I have a mountain of homework to be done and over with and it dues tomorrow. Yay for Aisyah! Tonight is gonna be a killer night for sure. Do text me. (Insert a vast amount of winks.)

Thanks to everybody who wished me! Thanks a gazillion. Your wishes lighted up one of the darkest day of my life.

Lotsa' love, Aisyah.


Approaching The New.

"Saying hello takes a second, saying goodbye may take forever."- Jaafang.

A-ha! A few hours left till I will be forced to leave my darling Macbook and leave this 3rd floor and leave BRP to fly off to Langkawi and hopefully have the time of my life. I suck at saying goodbyes. I can't even formulate a simple goodbye speech. I suck big time. And I should be cuddled up in bed by now. Breaking my own law is good.

I won't really update this blog daily, as if I do previously.. But yeah, once a while. So stay tune with my Twitter. Thats probably the only thing I can keep you guys update with my life.

Okay. Goodbye!



Way beyond awesome.


Kick-ass Things.

Sunway Pyramid. Ice Skating. Carls Jr. Presents/cards. Ice-cream.

A day out with the best lads and lasses was all I need in order to maintain my hype before entering the Tombs of Doom, as my friends call em'. Carpooled there because we are energy-efficient loathes pollution tree hugger. Not. Arrived. Sprinted to the rink's till because the urge to make my legs ache at the end of the day have kept tripling. Ice skating is down-right awesome if you're with your clan or else you'll just be that ugly duckling that is caged. -Inner joke- I skated with Lara most of the time, latest/breaking news and confessions splurged. And the best news yet is I didn't get my ass wet/tumble/embarrass myself at all. Applause for yours truly. My mood totally disheveled as somebody tries to make a grand entrance after I made my way out. I take my words back, It wasn't grand at all. It was content with constant nag and annoyance. That, trashed my mood down to the earth's core. No offense. I, instead dragged myself to Carls Jr with the most artificial grin ever. Grabbed a calories/fat-loaded burger which was beyond doubt luscious. Jokes, laughs and the odd statements filled lunch, I was happy again. Thank you girls! My girls and I spent the rest of the day roaming Sunway Pyramid. The joy ended as my fellow comrades said their last goodbyes, as if I'm not gonna see them again. I dropped a tear or two.. or more. I swear it was gushing out of my eyes unintentionally. I was emotionally happy.

Thank you all for the memorable day! Lotsa' love from Aisyah ♥

Picture Spam ahead!

Excuse the crappy quality.

Epic Things.

I'm actually lazy to post anything up, but this is for the brova.