Plane rides and goodbyes.

Brother + I, camwhoring on the plane.

Weeks passed tremendously quick. Last week consists of.. the uncountable amounts of peer pressure and headaches due to the exams. Being the odd one as per usual, I was-- overly stressed, while the others were chilling out. I might as well lock myself inside the locker for the whole week. Sadly its forbidden and I'm a goody that doesn't break the rules. (heh?) Pulang Bermalam brought the hype back on though. I've been smiling continuously ever since I landed in LCCT and guess what, I'll be frowning as I set my foot on the plane today. And I have no idea what I'm crappin' about right now. Pkajaklhgfkldahgoahgdagkldjalga.

Flight @ 410PM. + Me no likeyyyyyy :-( I'll be back next month for Raya. That's like a month away. So now, I'm gonna mourn all day long. Till then!


[ps/ Happy Fasting! It's time for my dieting!]