Fresh kickoff, shall we?

Well, well, well. What do you know. 2009 is coming to an end. A happy ending, I must say.

Au revoir 2009 'cos 2010 is gonna kick ass.

I'm in no hyped mood at the mo. Not like last year's 31st. I've been spending time with Gossip Girl Season 3. Thanks to a friend of mine for the link because without it, I would probably in a casket by now.

+ It's time to fold the past away and relocate the unwanted memories and lock it up somewhere far. And its time to unfold a new year with loads of surprises and extraordinary adventures that may turn you upside down or inside out or whatever. I'm all drowsy + starting to crap now.

+ I may not feed you loads of feedback regarding everything post-worthy on what I've encountered this year. But, this is will do. I guess.

And I won't be that psyched about blogging every single week from now on. It's in the list of my new resolutions. Not. I haven't even written anything yet cos I'm lazy like that. The holiday's laziness is still dreading on. What shall I do.. Ah.

Whatevs it is.


PS/ I can't wait to start school at the new kindergarten 'cos for sure it's gonna be ultra fun with those striking coloured walls. HAHAHAHAHA.


Do we have enough time?

Wow. 1 day left till the new year. Can you actually believe it? I'd usually rant and most probably splurge out anything that has to do with school on the 30th. It's a yearly thing. But you know what, I guess I'm just gonna keep it nice and simple with 10 paragraphs that will absolutely bore you till you're 7 feet below. Just giving a warning.

January. The first month of me transforming into a lunatic in Form 3. Back to being the junior of the morning session. Back to me being the loser of the year. Back to the phase where all the problems conquers my life. And back to the part where I bitch a lot in my notebook wondering where the hell should I place it and then later finding out that my sister has been reading it. That's just well awesome.

February. March. April. May. June. The months that I haven't been bothered about. Just flip through the Archives if you're bothered. Because I truly don't remember anything rant-worthy for these. Minus the fact that I had my first debate competition which I thought I truly screwed up. But in the end, scoring a few of The Best Speaker. And ditto to the time when I passed my RAE exam and I was head over heals because of the day trip to Singapore was all in my hand. I ended up buying a handy which I barely used. I kinda lost interest in the Radio Amateur world. Sad thing. Or.. or.. okay forget about it.

July. A really tough month. My birthday, when the ultimate collision occur. When the alien attacked earth. When I had my head on my knees for a while. When I had to cover up my anger management shit. I don't think it exists anyway. So, my birthday was truly one of the best birthday I ever had. With the pizzas at the park and then ditching them for a game of basketball in the rain and then running off to one of my mates house for a water bomb fight sessions. Those times I truly miss. I just wish we have those times again.

August. September. When the pessimist thoughts began. With the excruciating awful results up my sleeves and heaps of things to be in control of. I thought I was living in planet with non-living things roaming around. And plus PMR that was waiting for me around the corner. But these are the things I can barely escape from. The things that naturally comes and hopefully goes. Typical problems scattered around me.

October. PMR. Those 3 letter abbreviations that plays in my head every single second of a minute of an hour of a day of a week.. I'll stop. Drastic examinations day of PMR usually results in me acting like a sloth on the bassinet watching Boy Over Flowers the whole evening. Imagine, 5 hours of having your eyes glued to the pixel screen. 5 hours of agravation! Not really. It just cheers me up after the tough day. Moving on.. There's nothing else that is stupendously interesting or mind-blowing. So, I'll wrap it up here.

November. So what do we have for November? Everlasting days in front of the darling lappy? Or endless nights on Little Big Planet and being zombified by them. Or is it just the holidays that weren't really up to my expectations? I'll leave them unanswered cos it'll be cool like that.

DECEMBER. The month where everything seems like it'll come to an end. An end that nobody has an idea when it will end. And I don't know what I'm crapping about..

Well, mhm.. Overall it had been an unexpected year. Everything is unexpected really. But hey, there will always be ups and downs in every single year. No surprises. But this year really surprised me the most.


It's not the end, love.

Muazzimo is asleep. So, shhhh!

I'm at the point where I'm supposed to go all cuckoo over the bob-heads Upin and Ipin which are literally staring at me right this second and it's creeping the crap out of me. I would flee from it by now like my Runescape character after catching a glimpse of the Level 124 Evil Chicken. But then again, they are Muazzimo's friends when I'm not around. So I guess, I'll try to be cool with it. He'll usually grab the head and start chucking it everywhere or at some time.. hug them in a weird manner. But he's cute after all, so whatever he does is cute. And I have no idea why I'm talking about this.

Right.. Quirky moments.

Last night was tremendous, the food was delicious, I practically filled 101% of my tummy and it was an inch away from bursting. Not. Gorgeous barbequed salmon, creamy fettuccine, roasted chicken wrapped with around with beef strips.. I can go on forever. Sadly, I can't. The desserts are the ultimate highlight for the night. They were heaven. Heaven for real. I snatched a cake of every type.. for only myself because I'm a selfish loser like that and dripped some melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain thingymajig. As you know, I wasn't bothered to finish it all up. My throat was telling me to quit eating the cakes before you'll know what will happen next.


It's the same.

+ It had always been the same.

Boredom is taking over me. Sadness covers a part of me. While happiness is nowhere to be found.


Aint needed.

AISYAHTRON -lah sangat.


Expect the unexpected.

I am way beyond ecstatic.. at first. Alhamdulillah, the unexpected became a reality. And congratulations to everybody that had the guts to actually attend school to pick up their results. Nothing truly awesome happened today. Except the fact my mates and I had McDonalds for lunch straight after we received our results and then went off to One Utama to catch a movie. Sounds like a good day? Well yeah, it was more or else like a perfect day that I've wished for a long time. Watched Avatar with my sister and my boys. (my boys, hahaha!) The movie was about 3 hours long? But hey, it was serious shit awesome. The graphics, the sounds, everything.

Everything had gone well and I think I have just lost my blogging vibes. Come baaaaaack you..


Karaoke machines and sexy voices.


I will be facing some major head-bashing experience in a couple of hours and my parents wouldn't make it in time to catch a glimpse of me soaking my sleeves with tears. That's a good thing. And then.. Okay, I suck at writing this. See ya tomorrow 15s! Good luck, once again! :-)

+ I stumbled upon a really cool friend named Jaafar EVIL Yahya. HAHAHAHA.


Opposite attracts.

That means.. me and you, would probably repel? K crappin'.

Holla from Wangsa Maju! I flippin' miss this place. I mean it's a rad place to live, unlike.. Nevermind. Sounded like it had been 947290 years since I've visited this place. Aliens are making strange noises, more like an abnormal music composition of how I heard it. (Psst, siblings snoring.) Spent my morning in Alfa Angle and played in the arcade with the kiddies. Muazzimo somehow was afraid of the Merry-Go-Round. He made this face as if his guts were gonna splurge out any minute. Totally unbelievable.

Wait a sec. My kakak wanna use the laptop. LOL. I'll complete the update laterzzzzzzzzzzz.


Hey, ho, let's go!

The best pleasure in your life is when you have chocolates in both hands.

Ever had a day where you just felt like cuddling up under your duvet till the next morning or just sitting down on a truly comfy chair and then super gluing your eyes on to the laptop screen for the whole forsaken day? If yes, you must be (insert a word).

I kept having the same track on repeat for the whole morning.. I think I'm going insane. Maybe, I already am. But please, don't flee from me. I'm still the nice old Aisyah. I hope. The daily tasks have been accomplished, I think. Cooking, cleaning up the crib, sitting like a sloth in front of the laptop, cleaning up Muaz, eating Vanilla ice cream + Hershey chocolate syrup, drowning into the dreamland. K I don't need to list them all down. Or you guys will probably click the irresistible red X up there. The day us 15s have been waiting for are just around the corner. I don't know how I should be feeling. Scared? Nervous? Happy? Giddy?



12 days.

Can you wait for 2009 to be over?


Yeah, wut?

BTD once again.

Let's yield those scythes!

Here we go again..

The word scythe had been one of my favs recently. I've been trying to chop my mate's head virtually with a virtual scythe via YM. How rad is that? Rhetorical question. Ervin made me dive into the whimsical world of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Dimwitted Billy makes the show all glorious by showing his thickness. And yes, I blame Ervin. K joke. Don't go crying to Makcik Husna now. Nothing extravagant or post-worthy had happened this morning. Just me, and my sacred friend facebook and the darling pillow, and my life partner tele and Muaz! It's Muaz's first birthday today. Wait, second actually-- the date he was born includes as his birthday right? Whatevs. He's 1 year old today and still adores to show off his cuteness and his ability to walk like a chick in front of his audience. Chick as in chicken's baby. Right. And it's Izzudin's 15th birthday today. Aw, 15. Get that, FIFTEEN! Well just look at that, my adik is getting older by every second of an every minute of an every hour.. and so on. This should receive a big, fat, LOL.

Remember this? Epic days. ROFLROFLROFL.

The definition of Gaylordx:

i) Low in strength or inability to fulfill the ultimate gayness.
ii) A lord of all the gayness that are happening in this era and the ruler of all the gaylordx on Earth.
iii) A particular Gaylordx opened a society called the Gaylordx Corp for the Gaylordx United Nation.

The "x" stands for hardly anything, just some letter to make things look gayer.

Anonymous 1: Who is the king of all of the Gaylordx?

Anonymous 2: He's standing right in-front of me, looks like he has the ability to be gay.

Anonymous 1: Errr, me?

Anonymous 2: YES!


BTD again.

Hi. My name is Bored to Death. You can call me Bored to Death. If you want to be my friend, please proceed the next counter of the 'Bored to Death is unavailable right now due to her extreme boredom that caused death.'

Yours truly, Bored to Death.
I have nothing better to do. And it's raining again! Woo! Time for the fabtastic LBP! (Dances barney style!) I laik tu muv it, muv it. Yu laik tu, muv it!

PS/ PMR results will be out on 24th December. Prepare your mourning/wedding gowns or suits 15s!

My posts sound super useless nowadays due to the brain cells and idea light bulbs that are not in sync at the mo. + It is probably dying every single second that it is spared on seeing the colourful pixels on the laptop and tele.

Pure genius.


Incredible weather.

It's raining and internet is being it's self, a b_t_h. I wholeheartedly love the rain, but I just hate how much disturbance it causes in between + the aftermaths. Enough said.


Somebodys gettin' older.

You're old + I'm likin' it. Haha.
Love you loads!

Did you know how stupendously hard it was to scavenge your pictures? 'Cos you were always the one that hids behind the camera.

Why Nani is such an awesome friend:

▲'Cos she's always there for you. Definitely.
▲ She's easy going + friendly. I'm like the opposite.
▲ Serious shit plaaaayful but she can be serious at times, that scares me somehow.
▲ Lovely + pretty, she really is.
▲ A proper example of a PRS. I'm so proud of her.
▲ Youngest of our troops. She acts like the eldest though. :-P


Finite Incantatum.

Still wondering why I wasn't as cute as him when I was his age. ROFL.

I'm into Mr. Potter's wondrous spells + curses + shizz. Google it up. Now you know how to put spells on people and curse them without them knowing. Clever ay? (I'm still in my own world, don't mind me) I'm such a bad influence. Isk.

I need to do some school items shopping because I just have to. I've done none at the mo. Zero. Nada. We usually do late school shopping 'cos we'd outgrown them quickly. Tried to drag my parents out today because my dad said he wanted to go out last night.. or was it just me dreaming. Wait, it might just be me 'cos they didn't say anything about going out this morning. Darn it! Why have I been talking to myself a lot lately..

+ Mhm, I've been quarantined in the house since Friday and I need to get my legs properly stretched (taking a stroll in OU) 'cos it's killing me like hell. I'll probably end up on the wheel chair in 30 years (or less, yikes!). And no, I'm defo not praying for it. I don't really know how people can cope staying at home for the whole week. Wait a sec, let me ask the previous me in the previous years. (Silent moment..) Right.

And I just spent my Sunday morn with a PS3 controller, rocking Little Big Planet with my little brother and some random players online. Got a lil' bit crazy and started laughing till I choked to death over some undeniably stupid steps that left me dying whilst the other players were enjoying their time stealing all the points. I'm going nowhere again. But I tell you what, it was bloody cool till my mum suddenly stops us from ruling our dreamland.. and back to the chores + cooking. Welkam tu mai laif.

I have a sudden urge of transforming the typical self into a ninja that slice and demolish somebody into pieces. Peace.


It'll be forgotten tomorrow.

We The Kings Ft. Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream


Halucinations & Unwanted citizens.

@ Batu Feringghi


(Inserts some sarcastic punch-me-will-you-faces)

After swimming in the hotel, my body temperature rose, my head spun non-stop, I can no longer survive on feet. Well I can, but I'm bloody tired. After going to Sunway Lagoon, went on that boat thingy that spun 360 degrees, twice. I felt like I'm on the edge of some other planet-- Pluto, I suppose. After kicking and having a rad time in the water while having to cope with the sickness, it doubles up the awesomeness. And after having to stay at home and clean up while the others are off to KLCC.. it triples the awesomeness. I can't sleep. I can barely eat, even though I'm hungry. I have a sore throat, I feel like slitting it 'cos I can't endure the pain. I have an effin' runny nose that wouldn't let me breathe. I have a killer headache that wouldn't let me shut my eyes.

Solution: I think I need a nice tub of ice-cream for myself. Only myself.

K I'll shut up. Au revoir.


Cuckoo in the head.

Oh hi. I'm in the sight of Muaz whacking the table with a tablespoon. Okay, not funny. I wanna go swimming, but I left my swimming kit at home. I need ice cream, but they're about RM20 for a bowl, like what the eff. I want to get out of this hotel, but my dad says the shop opens up late. I am bored of shitty connections, but too bad I have to deal with it.

Let me get to the optimistic part of my brain. 'Cos we have to be optimistic in the morning so our day will be.. great. (Searches the brain thesaurus for other words-- Nothing Found) Loading.. Loading.. Done. The breakfast was awesomely good. I felt like eating more 'cos it looks irresistibly yummy. But my big tummy couldn't fill in more junk or you'll know what will happen. + Asma and I had a conversation about the debate competition I had ages ago. Then, I started coming up with the phrases that this awesome guy said. It was totally hilarious. We probably laughed till the end of the cafe can hear us clearly. And now, here I am typing out these unreasonable words to bore you guys to death.

By the way, to those that are taking the UKKM for MRSM. You guys seriously have to study like, seriously well. Especially Maths! So get studying! + Good luck!

And I don't have the chance to upload any pictures up. Mac doesn't have a SD card place thingymajig. I'll try to upload some later on when I get my hands on the netbook. Hehehe.

This message is brought to you by, yours truly.

The adventure begins during weekdays.

Can't be arsed to type up the stuff that happened in Penang. I'm a lazy ass like that.

I'm incapable of doing anything right this second excluding lying down like a hedgehog on the couch while watching Hannah Montana with Asma + Hakim. I'm so effin' bored and sleepy right this second 'cos I was in the car for over 4 hours and I am hungry even though I had a well late dinner at Danga Bay few hours ago. Nothing is spared right this second. Just the grumpy ol' face. I'll be in Johor Bharu till Wednesday. Amazing weekdays for me awaits, hopefully. All day shopping, baby! I pity my mum though, she'll be in the conference room all day long. Heh.

I feel like playing Little Big Planet after the rough (yeah, right) day.

Now.. I have to iron my mum's clothes. Taaa!


Totally rad.

New Moon wasn't that amusing compared to the book. I mean, c'mon nothing including the motion pictures can literally beat the actual book. Had an excursion at One Utama with the darling (cough) siblings for New Moon yesterday, sadly without Munirah and Nina. Met Farhana and her friends and Hafiz outside the cinema. Them lil' kids (Hakim and Hafiz) got chatty as usual. Overall rating for the movie: 5/10. That bad. 'Cos I truly detest the ending.

Headed for Subway for lunch after deciding where to eat for about a mere 30 mins or so. Then, escaped to the usual place to window shop 'cos I am not willing to break my oath. I keep my promises. LOL. All of a sudden, the hero, Dadster came to the rescue and brought his incredibly magic card along. Scored a skinny from Dorothy Perkins. I was all happy and cheery for the whole day. I sounded like some desperado. Note: I haven't been buying anything ever since Raya Aidilfitri. Well, I have but.. uh? Am I awesome or wuttt?

My sistahz from anotha motha came last night. It was sickkkk. A total blast! 'Cos we mutated from the innocent lassies into them wackos you will never have thought of. Had a late night with them holy irresistable sleepover schedule. Zamray was an awesome bloke last night with his fake British accent. I'll give it a 66%. But, Nina and Asma pretty much killed it the whole morning + with the scary laughs and karaoke that scared the shit out of me. And like always, I was the first to hit the bed and travel to my dreamland at 3.45AM 'cos I couldn't really stay up any longer. 7 hours in One Utama and then sleeping early in the morn? It aint a good combination except for the insomaniac (insomniac + maniac). (/point Asma)

Woke up early in the morn today-- 6.30AM. Cooked breakfast, the typical English breakfast. Don't ask why. Felt like eating them. And fell back to sleep at 9AM till 11AM 'cos I was dead exhausted. Thank God I'm still alive.. or not? Made lunch, it didn't work out at first but the aftermaths turned out alright based on the sister. It was delicioussssss. Yeah, I like self complimenting at times.

Dashed in the rain to McD with my lasses and Hezrin in the afternoon. We were 100% soaked when we got there. It was.. fun? Met Raqib, Syafiq, Zahir and the other dude (forgotten his name, apologies). Ate there, went all drowsy, coughed like a 'mad mans' (inner joke) and went all giddy soon after. Odd, just odd. Walked home and danced in the rain.. again. And now, I am proud to announce that I am currently sick! 3 cheers for Aisyah!

Munirah and Nina, you've made my week! Love you guys loads ♥

The End of 301109 - 011209's rants.