Of sore throat and goodbyes.

State of the Union.

i) Terrible sore throat is conquering me. + bad coughs.
ii) Super rad time out with my mates in BRP, love you guys a gazillion xx
iii) Will be flying back to Langkawi at 12' sharp. Nobody likes that.
iv) Say bye-bye to my comfy bed and MB.
v) Okay, goodbye everyone.

I'll be back soon, prolly in mid October. xx


Oh mon dieu!

Dumbfounded by the society of ch131. Been clinging on to the Macbook ever since 8 p.m. watching Gossip Girl & 90210 that I've been dreading for ever since I left my room for a quite sometime. Nothing productive in the end after all.

90210: Senior year of high school, everything ought to be the way it is. On the contrary, bad luck is back haunting the town. It was purely content with make-ups, new love, ditching loved ones, new British lad on the block, a falling family, Mr. Cannon-raping-Naomi, tragedies– way too many, Teddy ended up having an injured leg whereas Javier has finally hit the grave due to an amusing car crash! Not that I wanted him to die or anything.. But he was trying to ruin Adrianna's and Navid's future. So, good for him.

Gossip Girl: Blair didn't get whatever she wanted in Paris. She failed on her date with the Monaco Prince Charming, she is pathetically stupid. Whereas Serena has a secured place in Columbia. Dan surprisingly came home with a child in his arm, a child with the bitchtress Georgina. Nate has gone completely out of his mind until he met Juliet.. Chuck should be dead but he is not. Lucky for him, he found himself a European girlfriend that saved his life– saved?

Recap rating, I'm sure it's a 1.1.

Now, the books or the bed? Mhm. This is hard.


Fireworks blasting, are you listening?

The Macbook is 64 degrees, what about the room temp? Go figure.

I'm under the influence of the heat in Muar. High temperatures usually lead me to the airconditioned room, you'll see me snoring away on the bed. (That doesn't mean I actually do snore -wink-) Lets see what I've accomplished cooking/doing this morning. Iron all the kurungs and baju melayu? Check. Kuah kacang and daging masak kicap and ketupat? Check. Clean up the house? Check. Revisions for the upcoming exams? Say wha? (Dramatic pause) I actually tried completing Add Maths homework, but y'know what? Watching malay series on TV and reading Sejarah textbook is a gazillion times better. It leads me to the world of confused/stupid rather than the world of whizzed up cleverclogs. Sack that.

Tomorrow is Raya. And I should be happy and singing some Raya songs right this second, yes? No. I still don't have those typical 'YAYYYYY ESOK RAYA WEH. JOM HABISKAN SEMUA MERCUN MALAM NI. EH JAP, MERIAM BULUHHH! NO, MERDEKAAA!' vibes in me.. yet. Somehow, somewhere, I just hope those feelings would just teleport from some happy lass on the other side of the world. Or maybe not. That'll be pretty evil of me. Despite the fact that the internet is slower than a cow's brain which consists of.. neurons that malfunction, I am sweating merrily under the speeding fan above me head. Gotta stop whining, more working.

I'm gonna end the post with the typical;


Enjoy your Raya to the fullest because you'll never know, this might be the last you'll venture. Only God knows.

Awful wish? I know. Let me try be all poetic..
And ruin the magic of poetry.
Uh, probably not.

P/S I'm in Muar right now, whoever is nearby text me and we can go beraya together.. collecting duit raya together.. enjoy the fatty feast together.. drink together.. gain extra kg together.. Okay, I will now tie my hands and enjoy the rad TV shows on the TV. Like le duh.

Till then, Aisyah loves you. Take care. Don't come running to me handless, footless, fingerless, headless, cos for sure, I'll be grinning all the way through. Lol joke. In other words, JANGAN SYOK SANGAT MAIN MERCUN SAMPAI LUPA DUNIA DAN HILANG APAKEBENDE YANG AKAN HILANG. Okay?



Pull the trigger, up to you.



You may say that I'm a dreamer.

Merde happens when you have nothing else to worry about (excluding: upcoming exams, untouched homework piles, messy but nifty bedroom, Raya.. and the list continues) The long hours of strolling in Sunway Pyramid yesterday, all I came home with was a checkered shirt dress and black pants from Springfield. Yes! Yes? Yes.. + The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern to cure the boredom that is waiting for me in MJSC L G K. Still dying for that faded pants from MNG. (Insert the puppy-eyes here)

Rants, daily scheds, random sketches and doodles, homeworks.. Where they are written.

+ Yuna.


If you were there, beware.

+ extra baggage.

Home, is where I longed to be and here I am, home. Wasting my precious minutes on my darling Macbook that had been abandoned for a couple of weeks. Procrastinating to the max, heaps of homework shoved a side for the time being.. Yes, I'm in that state at the mo. The last day consisted of the sleepy sloth nodding her way through History, completing some bits and bobs to decrease the sleepless nights that is gonna haunt me (fo' sho) and constantly eyeing the rip-off clock on the class wall. Left the building at 1 p.m. and headed for the chocolate heaven. Heaven I tell you, heaven. Wait, no. Nothing can be heaven like Thorntons.. This is the cue for me to salivate.. Fasting month has been so-so. I'm still sitting firmly on the chair, alive and.. amusingly accumulated a few kg of fat sacks during 'berbuka puasa'. Daily intakes of caramel pudding, murtabak, roti planta during prep surely did help. Undiscovered fact explained.