Badgers can fly.


Currently: Eating a chocolate cake with dear self and hoping that somebody will accompany me later on with their sweet talks.. or not. The revision books will do..


Randomly awesome.

27th post in July, on the 30th.

I can hardly believe that I actually bitched a lot this month. Unnecessary posts conquered them all. Three cheers for Aisyah? I stayed back at school today, I lost to Brian in chess. I obviously do not know how to play. So y'get the idea. Nani failed aswell. (Inserts a few awws) Stickman proudly announced that he won the first game ever. It was a complete miracle. Ahhhhhh, I miss HT.


Dreamers belong in their own world.

What would I do if I was me?

I scurried inside the car, my laces were untied, my bag was unzipped, everything was out of place. Dragged myself out of the car as I reached school. Tottered into school looking unbelievably freaky in brightly coloured clothing, as always. While standing in the middle of the assembly point, I looked up into the sky. The grey clouds huddled up and conquered the sky above me. The frown arose. I've been wanting a game of badminton for the past few weeks. Games to stretch my lazy muscles and get my ecstatic self working again. Just not my luck. Kudos for my friends that made me laugh for a millisecond. Yes, it's true, a millisecond of laughing brings the self back to reality.

Skipping the unnecessary parts..

After school, I lead myself to where I was semi-muted for the whole hour. I felt tad retarded, seriously. I blame the nervous attacks. Which lead to no appetite.. Strolled around BRP 7, no, not like them hobos. I was giddy, high and electrify (as if). Blame the addictive ice-cream. I ended walking into a dreaded park nearby and caught up with the latest gossips and shizz on the swings..

Just like the old days.
A: I feel odd.
N&N: We're even.
A: You feel odd aswell? :-D
N: No, even.
A: T________T''


It all began with a simple confession.


Trials in 2 weeks. I iz doomed.

N: i truly love you
A: i love you too freak.
N: i cant believe it
N: its that simple
N: you're right!
A: aha see
A: aint it magic xD
N: you can dooooooo magicccc


Those thrushes.

"You’ll never believe what you’ve fallen into. Until, somebody trashes you with a bucket of water and wakes you up from your dream excursions. But, I believe in anything. I believe in myself. But then, I have no idea the exact reason why I fell for you. The feelings rushes into your blood stream, as if it meant to be there. I meant to love you without exact reasons. Awkward.. I know. These feelings couldn’t be arranged into letters, words nor drawings. I’m sorry for having no answers to your questions. I don’t know why I’m not able to answer these simple yet hard questions.


- The Skint's Epic

Me no speeky Italiany.

Aku tak tahu nak tulis apa sebab aku dah kena sawan bola. WTF.
Aisyah + football = MADNESS. hahahahahaha. Pehal dengan aku harini T_T

This is what you get when those palm tree's leaf thingy-majig falls on your head while chilling under the tree listening to Random Awesome by Yuna and getting annoyed by Alexandro, Leonardo and Noel-o. Played footy with the lads, I was the goalie for a few minutes then.. off, I collapsed. Not. I flippin' didn't score a goal. I suck. Yes, I do! I mean, I haven't kicked a ball for over a year. Hihihihihi-- Awkward laughs. And I'm an awesome foot-stepper. Sorry Idontknowyourname and Hiqmal, I didn't really.. mean.. to.. step.. on.. your.. foot. Lol. I mean, I suck at footy, so yeah. Alasan yo'! I filled up my tummy at my little friend's house, Azryl! And prolly hung out there for a few hours and ate non-stop and chatted non-stop and messed about non-stop and was annoyed by the little kiddies-which-I-detest-and-felt-like-whacking-them. I nearly fell asleep on the couch while watching some kids playing the Tamagotchi-esque-thingy.
What a day! (Collapse hysterically)

HT where art thou?


Still unlucky.

A girl can't hope too much, can't they?

I've been such a lazy ass lately. Thus, I must dieeeee. Not. Kept feeding on food with high sugar and fats. That's just so-- Aisyah. I escaped the house in the morn to watch my cute scouts making their way through their nightmare stage. Watched them practicing and then ran to Nani's. I met Nazri Ho along the way :-D Even though we're neighbours, I rarely see him. People nowadays are so busy.. So like, I walked to Nani's house early in the morn, all alone, macam orang gila. Then, fell asleep at her house. I'm so awesome. I slept like I've never slept in 10000 years, I was that sleepy. After the dream excursions, went off to school with Nani. Watched the marching and shizz. The scouts were cuteeeeeeeeee okay. I love them to bits, even though they didn't manage the top 5 <3 Hung out with the scouts after everything ended. Izaz and Aqif were annoyingly adorable. Felt like kicking them at once though, these ill-blue-minded kids. (Sigh) Sadly, I can't. They're my cute adik-adik Pengakap. Hahahaha.


The previous post goes out to you guys!

I love you too Fatin Suraya! :-)

Puas hati semua orang? Hahahahaha.



Hi. I have no idea what's going on. But, you know what, I still love you.

I just love the fact that friends will always be there for you no matter what :-)


I want free wishes.


I wanna wish for.. someone who loves my awkwardness.

PS/ I never knew that stickman stalks other people's blog :-D


Can you feel the heat?

Running up and down the stairs + basketball + cycling + running home + running back to court + entertaining the mates + Hiqmal's gedikness (hahahaha) = TIRED and DRAINED-looking AISYAH.

Accidents do happen. Fell of the darn bike twice, in the same hour. I blame the basketball. It was pretty hard to have a basketball on one hand, the other on the handle and the balance so that you can go up a hill. I was outta my mind at that mo. So yeah, off I went rolling down the hill.. not really. Played for a few "hours", more like minutes and was being the saddo-self and sat in the middle of the court in the middle of the Mediterranean-ish heat with hot sun rays beaming at me. Made silly faces and made the self go dehydrated. I emptied 2 bottles with the help of the stickman and sprained my hand because of the unconscious-self. I am sleepy. KTHXBYE.




I took a stroll with Muaz around Ascot Hill. I mean, seriously, around the whole area. It was.. pretty fun but my legs somehow ached after an hour. Cacat gila kan? Picture taken with Nokia 5800! Nak poyo jap. Hahahahaha. Muazzimo is so cuteeeeeeeee and chubby, it's pretty obvious he didn't heritate them from his eldest sister. xD


Conscious or deceased?

I've got something to share.

It's possible to reach happiness by yourself because happiness is reachable. Even though it takes time to grab the happiness you have been craving for and we don't know how long it will last. It will always be there-- waiting. Just loosen up your naked eyes and open your eyes widely. Sooner or later, it will be right there, in front of you. Our life isn't here for it to be complicated, even though complications are always nearby. Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Love truly. Laugh constantly. And never, ever stop smiling. Life is known for it's strangeness. And it's not always like the soiree we expected it to be. But as long as we are still here living, still breathing.. we should smile and be grateful.


It's a killer.

I feel like chopping off my legs this instance. Anybody wanna volunteer?


Y'know that one song can make you cry a river? I.feel.stu.pid.o.kay. Chilled out at Nani's today and I accidently soaked my sleeves with tears. A new way to save water! .. randomizer. I.feel.fer.rea.ky.naw.


I'm the odd one out.

Cos when I feel all quirky, it means I'm effin' happy.

So, when I'm happy, I'll be all hyped up with my mates. We'll be laughing with each other and fracturing our funny bones. Okay, tak lawak. But yeah, happy is what we are.

Yo' H-T!

This happens when you love Iman so dearly much :-D

This happens when you are high on coke.

This happens when you bring a camera along in class.

This happens when you've got nothing to do other than mess about in the morn of Kak Cat's wedding.

AHHHHHH OMG. THOSE HORRID CHUBBY CHEEEEEEEKS. (Bans self from touching chocolates)


Time for evacuations.

Imma gonna evacuate somewhere far, this instance.. I'm thinking of Venezuela!

Sebijik macam orang gila kan?

Empty stomach lead me to horrifying moments of the God-damn gastric attacks. Well, I was fasting, so yeah. My mood was pretty much all wound up and randomly mixed. At once, I was all hyped up and the next, lying restlessly on my table while my mates carried on chatting. Macam lawak gila, we were fighting over those KFC brochures and Auni was like laughing her ass off on the floor. It was a good sight-- I mean to see my friends happy all over again. :-) Hahahaha. WTF. That sounded horny.

My bedroom looks like a pig sty. I better get my lazy self back to work. Unfinished homeworks.. Unused books.. Heh, I feel ever so lazy. + all those Cadbury, they're making me gain weight.


Keep on dreaming lass.

As I lay on the bed, reminiscing the good old days I had. Wondering if I will ever those time again, where I was problem-free, free from anything that will probably make me have frowns or reversibly change my smiling lips. I wish.. I still have those days. Them days where every single second was awesome and fun.

Sipping hot chocolate, with a book in the hand, walking towards the school gate, smiling happily, people greeting me with their cheerful smile, friends running towards me and giving me a hug each. When will I get those days again? The days where my current mood was casually giddy and happy. The days where I had positive mind set. The days where I enjoyed every single day I lived.

Well.. maybe it's irreversible. I can't stand it any longer.


Aku seriously lupa nak update masa birthday aku. Hahahaha. Busy ah katakan. Bajet doww.

I'm fifteen and I'm still young. Hahaha.

So, overall, my birthday was theeee bomb. Starting for them who stayed up with me and wished on the dot. And to those who remembered my birthday and wished me before, after and on 10th July. I totally love you guys! At school, you guys totally cheered me up and tried to make me smile. Eventhough I don't feel good in the end. Mood-swings, je deteste. Sang birthday song as I stepped my foot in class. I was.. shy and I actually blushed. Thank you Nani, Nawal, Auni and Iman for being the awesome mates <3 Merci beacoup!

The little party after school was awe to the some. Dominoes + coke + heavy rain + water balloons + basketball. What could be more perfect? Kudos to Hezrin for the water balloons fight battle grounds. The water fight was unbelieveably fun. Pfftttt. Water fight using the water hose was baaaaad and I had to do one of the weirdest dare ever. Thanks to Syafiq, I hate you. Too bad Auni couldn't make it.. Moving on, the presents! Thanks for the presents guys! :-D And Nani, I've scribbled all over the sketch book you bought!

It had been one of the best birthday ever in Malaysia. I, for sure will never forget this day!

PS/ My phone is uncontactable aka broke due to the water fight. So, sorry for the unreplied messages.

Them who wished me (in order):-

1. Uwais
2. Kak Fatin
3. Ariff
4. Izzudin
5. Hezrin
6. Shaza Heidi
7. Nani
8. Munirah
9. Maddy
10. Auni
11. Nawal
12. Iman
13. Raqib
14. Syafiq
15. Hiqmal

Thanks to Shahera, Ama, Hanim, Farah, Khadijah and Zara! :-D

and the list goes on..




Cos I'm awesome, no matter what. Typical self-obsessed.. Loathe me all you want because you will end up liking me in the end. Lol. This happens when boredom strikes thy head which will bring thy self to it's own world. This is the real awesome.

I feel so old right now. 4 hours left..



The purple clad was scattered around school this morning and.. I was one of them.

8th : NAK MAKAN BANYAK2 SAMPAI EXPLODE and nak ________.



7 is no longer the lucky number.

I want want want want want want want want want want want..



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

6th on list :- NOTHING.



Time flies so fast. Had my weekend in Wangsa Maju, being the little helper of Along (Shaha) and Kak Cat's wedding yesterday. It was.. pretty fun and tiresome and dropped dead on the bed last night. Loving them vaining moments with my childhood friends. Syamim, Jazli, Kak Ika, Shad were hilarious! I love them loads, we’ve practically been together since we were born excluding Shad. Vaining sessions were done with the official photographer and Asma, our photos were pretty much gedik, I must say. Imagine us lot on the pelamin, on the red carpet, in front of the guests, with cameras shoved up right our face.. I never knew that the pelamin can handle our total weight.

Carry on.. Along was as usual, “kacak”—cough. And Kak Cat was and is a real beauty, as always. May Allah bless you both. You should catch a glimpse of their outfits. Eye-catching. We have clads in purple that day and St. John’s lads in kilts with bagpipes, mouthwatering..

I was gifted a sprained right foot while giving out the gift. And imagine.. me in heels = tall. Hahaha. (Nak perasan jap). I seriously cursed the whole way due to the awful pain. I mean, you don’t know how painful it is. Felt like chopping my feet off instead.

I was the bunga rampai thingymajig thrower, which lead me to public madness. I just don’t geddit why people have to crowd up infront of the groom and bride and like, take pictures right in front of them. And.. I nearly fell because there was one woman that pushed me. I aint that small alright, that woman should have seen me doing my walk. LOL. Jazli accompanied me with the bunga mangga thingymajig. Mamat tu seriously annoying okay. Jaz-the-stick-man actually annoyed me the whole day. Thank you faggot! :-)

As the little helpers were chilling out, we sent a few shout outs. Our shout outs were pretty awesome. Yes, aku suka puji diri sendiri. Who says “Rock On” to be newly weds during weddings? Wait, we do. LOL.

I love picture-taking sessions. Cos.. I just do. So yesssssssss, lots of photos coming up. Well, if only Asma uploads the photos and pass them to me.


On la wish list today :-




Malam-malam nak try buat muka comel tapi tak jadi. Huahahahaha. Macam bodoh je -_-'

Hi. Harini.. aku.. nak.. makan hamster masak kicap.

4th on list :- Haagen-Dazs!



200TH post baby!

I would like to announce.. that.. I am happy. Some people just can just reversibly change your mood in just than a millisecond.


And.. Thank you :-)



Because my world is incomplete without these..

.. and I am not happy.

Don't you think that your life can be miserable because of a disruptive organism that pretty much disturb your life? I mean like, it might not be clear to the naked eye that this organism is actually disturbing you. But then, it disrupts your everyday plans and shits. Circling people and make them suffer is probably the most idiotic idea ever. I mean seriously, I suggest that you think of a new plan. Everbody is craving for happiness aright, it aint just you. So, do think about other people before you piss them off. I can clearly see that you're trying to demolish my happiness in various ways, so yeah. But whatever shit it is, just end it. Right. This. Second. before I burst into atoms and you will never get to scent me again. And I know that you wouldn't cherish that.

Stuffed my fats with nachos for dinner and topped it all with brownies and ice-cream after the main course.
Oh, it is love-- Grabbed water balloons along the way. Is everybody ready for this Friday?!



1st item on the wishlist :-
Those memories when I was coveting and smothering all over skull items were absolutely unbelievable. I became the skull-addict geek next door. Till my tutor, Miss Wynne gave me a skulled rubber ducky and a skull pendant and brooch. And yeah, my tutor is the shitttt. I love her to atoms (bits). Too bad I haven't been keeping in touch with her for a gazillion years now. I miss her :-( So yeah, and I'm here.. wrapped around my wool blanket pondering when she will set her fingers back to work to reply my emails.

I scored 3 massive bars of Cadbury just now, a sucker for chocolate is what I am.