Odd is the right word.

Of everything I know right now.. One thing that I'm really looking forward the most is meeting my new Mac. HAHAHA. K I suck.

Panda eyes are haunting me again. I sleep early-- 11pm and I wake up early, around 6 and they still seem to appear whenever they aren't supposed to. Must be those killer homeworks that's been taking up all my recreation time. Lies. I haven't even touched them since a week ago, well I have, only a few 'cos I'm a lazy saddo like that and I prefer to sit infront of the laptop and watch Glee instead. Topical exams are coming up next week, I haven't read a crap. Maybe I have, but it aint enough. Nobody cares anyways. MRSM's intake results are coming out tomorrow. Finger-cross. I will be all giddy if I don't get it, there are trillion reasons for that. And one of them is because of the Macbook. And no, I am not all psyched up at the moment. I will be after coming back home from school on Monday.

Today's rant, accomplished!


Pleads and Postcards.

27th January, come quickly!


240110 'cos this is like the best title evah.

It's the bloody weekends.

And yet, I was forced to go to school for the CNY replacement. T_T Another thing to go all soppy about, I lost my lovely companion, le pencil case which had been my good friend that sits steadily on my desk in school ever since late 2007. Now, I shall stop typing, or not. I have nothing in mind. It's pretty much translucent and I feel like an air head. Never thought I'll be able to call myself that. Heh.

School had been terrifyingly fine. Lazying around on the chair-- looking like a drunky, having a tour around school with my adoring classmates, going to and back 4 Science 2, having a novel in the hand.. Just like the old days. And, and, skittles-- to brighten everything up! I surprisingly emptied the whole packet by myself, wait, with my friend's help.


△ △ △

Favourite life time song. Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

I'm a beatnick. See them signs.

Because school is driving me nuts and homeworks are killing me silently. Or maybe I'm just a little bit exaggerating. Maybe not little. Fine, a helluva lot.

I'm currently wearing the mask of the droopy eyed panda with them weird lips. Wait. It's me, after extremity hours of being in the car and eventually having fresh, not really fresh air in the stuffy room. Just what I needed. Sigh.

Nothing is literally fun nowadays. I really mean nothing. School = not fun at all, minus the part where you get to see your friends + :-). K school IS fun, partly. Just 7%. House = not fun either. Minus PS3, laptop, bed and ice-cream. I must.. be.. I don't know. I feel odd. I am odd. Basketball court = strolling around like a hobo, nah. Not fun. If only you have GIRLfriends. I repeat, GIRLfriends (note the plural) to play basketball with, it'd be rad.

Now, I don't have the state of mind of blogging every single day. I miss doing that. Anyways, I'm gonna engross myself in the mind-blowing form 4 text books, time to finally reconstruct my braincells that have been dying. Good luck to me.

And congrats to those that received SBPs! I'm still.. waiting patiently for the MRSM's reply. Finger-crossed.

+ Don't tell anybody. But somehow, I'm missing the old times.


Maybe this is it.

Blue sky turns grey, when they see you being gay.

Exactly, who cares?

Seems like I haven't set my hands on this baby for ages. I _dont_ miss my blog. Anyways, last weekend had gone well, I guess. The kenduri and the BBQ. Except for the aftermaths which includes me with the dishes and the sink and.. y'get the idea. And school was after all, fine. I'm just starting to cope with the amount of dizziness Add Maths had poured into my brainless, frozen head. I mean seriously, my brain is completely at 0 degrees at the mo. It hasn't defrosted fully yet since the holidays have ended. Seems like somebody needs to go into the hot, hot oven. K I'm crappin' now.

I shall rest in my royal bassinet, now. Not. Tons of homeworks to work on. I'll be dead quicker than you can say 'Aisyah iz dead'.


Collapsing into the magical world of mine.

Something I learnt today :-

+ MATHS + ME = not a good combination, at all.



So, there's a part of me saying.. Aisyah sup with you lately. And the other one goes, you're doing fine, hope you die wherever you are. K that sounds.. retarded. My mates been yelling in my ear, asking how school was and the IMs on YM kept popping out non-stop same goes to my phone, it won't stop ringing. Bet they love me that much, or not. A hectic day in school, again. Like refugees, the form 4s spent our mornings in the hall which is like a morning spent in a corrupted black hole that would probably swallow you for sure. Y'get the idea? Glutenous maximus had to endure all the pain. I pity, pity. The long talks conquered it all, all the God-damn boredom, which possibly was 89.9% near to make me lose myself and go all cuckoo like a cat got bitten by a mouse. (As if that's possible, maybe it is!)

And the mornings excitement went down the holy drain, as usual. But the strawberries and melted chocs brought the hype back during recess. My mates and I religiously (or not) emptied 3 boxes of strawberries. How cool are we. Hunger pangs + us + strawberries + chocolates = nothing can get in our way or else they'll end up in our tummy aswell! >:) Moving on.. English after the recess was alright. Had to get our brain working finely again by writing a 'diary' about feelings and experience in 4 Science 1. I totally blab the whole way, it wasn't purely the essay that I would usually write 'cos it was all jumbled up. Probably she'll give me a big fat _. No high hopes on getting good remarks. But, but, my brain nearly erupted like them volcanoes in Japan after Auni asked me all these questions for the essay. I kept going on and on about stuff and.. I didn't have the chance to squeeze it in my essay. Nevahmindz. After that somewhat odd period, we had relief teachers. Auni and I went all cranked up. Blame the Wonka Nerds. Them irresistible lil' things that leads you to a sugar rush, me likey! + Made a poem.. which consists of.. :-)


Meaningless post. This rocks. Like yeah.


I've got a secret I'll never tell.

xoxo Aisyah

Can my life get any sadder?



Can't be bothered to elaborate.

I'm exhausted.