Just Things.

31st already? Been caught red-handed w/ shit loads of clothes and whatnots lying on the bedroom floor. It was those must-bring things to be packed for tomorrow. I aint doing another non post-worthy recount like the previous years because possibly it will be kept unread for the whole year. What's the whole bloody point anyways?

Happy New Year everybody! Another fresh kick-off, shall we?


Something New, Oui?

New blog header! Featuring: THE JAMMIE DODGERRRRRRS!

Which I totally love love love since forever.

An Aroused Fangirl.

An immense amount of daily Korean drama + movie intakes have led me to the world of sobbing and cheery fangirls. Which is a tad scary, yet so irresistible. Which is no where near being the real me. I tend to be caught up by those likkle adowable + (Insert a few more synonyms here) + w/ a hint of hunky features them Korean lads own. Okay, hands-tied.

But.. Just let me..

Joo Ji Hoon from The Naked Kitchen & Jang Geun Suk from Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.


My Manchunian Gangstuhz.

Crappy picture quality, yes, I know.


I'd love to blog but I have 7 minutes left till.. it's over. Ok BRB.


Endless Fuzziness.

Weary Wednesday.

I aint sad or anything, I swear. Weary Wednesday just sound ever so good like scrumptious melted chocolate fudge cake with creamy Vanilla ice cream on top and thick Hershey topping to top it all off. I'm fantasizing all over again, this time, about food.

Have it ever occur to you that you've been yearning for somebody warm and cuddly to sit and talk with. And then when you've finally found them, they tend to chase after the exit and leave you stranded, alone. Or am I the only chosen one?

+ Black Swan is a must-watch! Even though it creeps me out a lil'.


'Cos I can't be arsed and I'm lazy like that.


Things Are Happening.

Off to Muar tomorrow morn. Heading to Singapore on Monday.
Dreading to spend some notes adequately at Bershka!

Hope you read this Pa, kthxbai.


Both Collide So Perfectly.

Everything tends to be malfunctioning. Them plans that we have made are all crossed out in red. Patience is just the answer to everything.

In the real world. Tons of grins and laughter filled the meet up at McDonald with my mates on Tuesday. Love them to pixels, each and everyone of them. Even though throughout the years, we had a lot of mild bumps and complication here and there. In the end, we somehow seem to sync back again with zeal.


Them Tunes.

Narmi! Check him out ;-)


The Transient Beauty of Youth.

A beautiful Saturday morning. How I wish the tar outside, worn out roofs, trees and newly-cut grasses to be all lush, covered with thick snow. I bet all of you are waiting with your rounder's bat at the mo. Shall we sack it? We shall. I've been neglecting this little spillage blog of mine transiently due to the numerous amount of tenacious action going on in life. Action? In life? Lies. The undeniable laziness in me had somehow escaped its bars and is causing a tantrum lately. That explains that. Nothing rad is happening in life, been going back and forth from Bukit Rahman Putra to Wangsa Maju for a breather and just to revive the old daily schedule at Mak Zam's. Some say I'm a wee bit phlegmatic as I flew back home (ninja-style!) after a long period of being imprisoned in Langkawi. Some say I've transformed wholly into a different being that contradicts with the old self. I've been confined in Langkawi for a while, 5 aggravating months to be precise, different environment, facing various people all over the peninsula, stuffing my already-packed head with assorted knowledge that are useful yet may be useless, the daily schedule consists of me having a packet of Oreos in hand and finishing it in an hour while stamping those fluorescent Post-it notes on the holy History non-fiction. See. My life had changed entirely. Thus the old lass tries to adapt to the whole new life. Hence, she changes by its own nature. So please, I beg. Quit whining and whimpering about the current me.


Lately, nothing good.