Aint comparable.

Sometimes I see the things other people don't see in you.

Sore soles from running barefooted on the fields yesterday. Sport practice.. running around trying to be fit, testing out them heavy disc-like thing, we call em' discus, throwing shot put balls around acting all tough. That was yesterday's evening.

Happy 16th Birthday Raqib Iskandar!

& Had a lil' party filled with Dominoes boxes and bottles of fizzy drinks and laughter for Raqib. A birthday plus leaving party. Ended up having a mixed-up feelings. It was fun though with those camwhore sessions in the end. Au revoir Raqib! We'll surely miss seeing your energetic and happy face everytime we step into school!


We like them shiny things.

Sometimes we miss those things that we shouldn't be missing.

Add maths homework awaitssssssssssss. Sayonara.


These are the facts..

I hate waking up 2 hours late than the usual during holidays. Unfortunately, it is one of my daily routine now.

& .. Muazzimo is crying.


Slips and hugs.

A completed day.

Started off with those heavy luggage beneath my eyes that kept them lids shut tightly. I was accompanied by a typical morning full of screams that can be heard a mile away. Breakfast served at mamak's, gobbled up the usual Sunday intake, eventhough it is Monday. Made our way to Sunway for a lil' bit of ice-skating. I ended up being a noob back again, after let me see.. 4 years of not stepping on the ice with them heavy military-like boots and those sharp blades underneath, the whole of our body weight depends on them blades. Went on ice with my childhood friends whom I haven't seen since last year (Syamim, Kak Ika, Jazli/Anerosick, Faiz, Aiman comel). It was a pretty rad reunion for us. Ice-skating + Major fail falls + Laughing moments + Pizza hut + Wet asses = Ridiculously FUN. After that, headed back home with them lot. Unfortunately our pilot for today, Kak Ngah got lost on the way home. It was totally hilarious. We were like high monkeys that was on ecstasy or something. But, we ended up arriving at our destination safely.



Rama lama lama, ke-dinga de dinga a dong.

My mind flew into a somewhat weird whirlpool for the past few days. That explains the unexpectable blues I've been covered with. But, the hype is back on! I swear.

Y'know what's the best thing to have when you're in a state where.. you don't know what to do? CHOCOLATE. Right, just killed it.

1 week is all I have to complete everything that are crucially a mind killer at this time of second, minute, hour, day, week.. Homeworks, projects and thingymajigs. I just gotta get over and done with it. The latter, I can't wait for! (Picturing me, with skates on the ice-cold ice and with the imbalance self, acting out a scene from Shrek with my Kakaks.) Uh'huh.. Ignore.

Backpacking anywhere wouldn't be in my schedule for the hols though, my body will be locked inside this house (partially-locked). But you'll prolly catch a glimpse of me skipping around like an ill-hobo in Wangsa Maju or BRP with at least something to eat in hand if you're that lucky. 'Cos stuffing myself during these holy days (it's an IN thing) is a must and it's the time where you can just do anything you want-- well, not exactly anything. But y'get the idea.

I'm so disorganized lately. Blame.. the numerous amount of work intake by yours truly from the wondrous teachers of le school. You just can't ask for more. Plus the daily stuffing of add maths nearly drove me to Detroit (sings Welcome To Detroit City), I'm no good with numbers and letters, both.. fused together equals to a complete confusion. (Example; me-- lost in the World-Most-Amazing maze) But.. Practice, practice, practice, is all I need. I hope. I don't wanna end up being a sore loser that couldn't ace such a subject.

Moving on. Being an awesome co-President of the Scouts like always (not), I made an oath and promised to at least organize a camp for the fellow members. With no experience of being the camp leader whatsoever, I'll strive to make it happen 'cos to be honest, the scouts club in my school had been such a bore. No camps. No activities. No nothing. It all adds up to a.. 0.

I think that's enough for today.

PS/ In dire need of more Hersheys.




Today is Tuesday.

Nothing avid happened at school nor at home. It was just me and my current lover, the books. & Nani came by surprised after 2 weeks of her absence (Teknik stole her heart away from BRP). I kinda miss her. Just a bit. I might intrude her house tonight, depends.

K. Everything sucks at the mo.


Hell no.

The pessimist is back to terrorize this world.

From this day and onwards, I solemnly swear I’m gonna quit jamming all the shit into this blog and make it into a somewhat territory that will make you bore till you are an inch near death. I’m no hilarious joker. I tend to be a little lass radically– in her own imaginary petite and invisible world with dainty unicorns and abnormal flying cat jollying and chanting Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s melodies that replaces the siblings ear-cringing screeches (in real life).. Eventhough I will be six-aggravating-teen in shall we say, 5 months time? A bloody long period of time. I shall make a time line that consists of things that should be done till July to cure this infinite boredom. (Insert some unintended pauses and a few cusses ‘cos I’m going nowhere for the 92579320th time this year) Tehehehe.

I just can’t wait till I’m seventeen/eighteen– or whatevs, with a driving license in thy purse to flaunt and post some ‘F-ck yeah, I’ve got a God-damn driving license and you don’t. Ha!’ on Facebook and bitch on about how rad I am. Or I can remain as the lass that places her ass alone on that plastic chair that is merely gonna collapse in less than 1 hour ‘cos it had to endure the excessive weight after losing everything I needed to survive (includes –insert a large amount of things that couldn’t be listed–), with a book and a pen and her journal (that consists of her life since she was officially announced as a loner) and some pleasing liquid to cure the tensed and void-like brain.

When Aisyah’s sanity rose from the dead, shit happens.

Tant pis.

Weeping with the wolves.

I just realized how bad I am with words. I can't formulate pretty things that will make you fly into your fantasized world. I can't express the way I feel the way I wanted to. I can't cheer somebody up by just saying some true facts. I can't..

I can't do anything now.


-2 + 1

2 days have passed without Nani and Nawal conquering the air around me. Yes, it is really saddening. Nani came yesterday to give bid her last goodbye (OMG macamlah tak akan jumpa lagi) and we exchanged hugs. Auni.. cried. I just had to type that out! Anyways, I am now an unofficial translator/classmate/friend for an exchange student from Germany. Her names Lara and she's tall and pretty and nice. I suck at describing people, hell yes. I bet I'm like the worse translator ever 'cos my English isn't purely perfect and I get all weird while talking. Well, that's me.

Anyways, will be continuing later. I gotta get my ass all the way in McD to celebrate Nawal's pre-dissapearance. Joke!


AKU TAK DAPAT MRSM. (Masa untuk berdansaaaaa!)

Hahahaha. Otak dah corrupt.