Hi, We Meet Again.

I hope you miss me as much as I miss you, dear blog. Even though you are not technically alive, but I'm sure you have some hidden feelings as well. Or not.

It's funny how I used to have the tendency to write something daily and not leave a page blank, not even for a day. And now, not even giving a single damn about it, leaving it abandoned for a while. Well this is simply because.. People get tired or bored and so with the same typical routine and they just have that heavy feeling to move on. But one day, they'll start to miss the same old routine again and somehow find their own way back to it. Make sense? I think so.

The need to change.

Surely there are things that constantly play around in our mind.. about changes. Changing for the better. Changing to be a better person. To be clearer, changing to be a better Muslim/Muslimah. Of all the Islamic conventions and conferences I've been to, it had surely planted some of these 'needs' to change somewhere inside my heart. But then again, sometimes I ponder on how these needs to change exist in the first place. Is it because I just naturally want to change? Or is it due to seeing all the other sisters, physically, that made me want to be like them? Or is it because I have most probably gain a bit more taqwa. Or is it because I know what is right and I know I have to do it? Or is it just because I want to impress other people? No matter how these needs existed at first, I have to constantly remind myself that if I want to change, it will be for and because of Allah. Lillahi Ta'ala. Starting from the basics, from the way I dress. I can't deny the fact that the things I wear casually fits the whole completely covering the aurah, but hey! I'm trying. Beginning with the lengthening the hijab to the suitable length, then loosening the clothes a bit here and there, and walla! And that's how you do it, mes amis! And that can be one of the more reason for me to go for a mini shopping spree once in a while! Which I honestly love. Insert some high-pitched giggles. You see, changes are not that hard nor simple. We just have to give it a go and take small steps, even baby steps! It's the effort that we put into it that counts. There are like a gazillion things we can surely improve on.. I swear, I feel like I'm writing one of those essays for SPM right now. Which I miss.. Okay back on track. Wanting these changes and implementing them into your life will no doubt bring something different to your heart, it's like as if you're feeding your heart. As tiny as making yourself drink sitting rather than standing up or walking about. (However.. that somehow will make kind of a big difference because it will lower the chances of you getting a heart problem and yada yada.) But, you get what I mean! And finally, above all, Istiqamah with the changes! There is surely no point of changing for a day or two and crawling back to your old routine. We will beyond doubt not gain anything for it! So bare that in mind. Let the thoughts roam in your brain. And hey, it's Ramadhan, the month reflection and the renewal of soul. There's no better time to start rather than now!

A little note from me to you. And this is supremely a reminder to myself as well.



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